New Contactually Tool Aims to Improve Email Open Rates

New Contactually Best Time to Email Tool Helps Real Estate Agents Send Emails to Clients at the Right Time

What is the best time to reach out and connect with your individual contacts if you are a real estate agent? Contactually’s Best Time To Email is able to analyze the communications of your contacts and make a recommendation.

Contactually Best Time to Email Tool

The Contactually Best Time To Email tool uses data intelligence to find out the best time to send emails to your contacts. This increases the open rate of emails, making the communications with prospects, leads and clients more effective.

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The technology behind Contactually currently manages more than 208 million relationships for real estate agents and other small business professionals. Agents have seen a 42 percent increase in Gross Commission Income, and to date over $3 billion in deals have been closed using this platform.

New Contactually Best Time to Email Tool Helps Real Estate Agents Send Emails to Clients at the Right Time

Zvi Band, Contactually CEO and co-founder, said the company’s users have seen a 20 percent increase in responses when using Best Time To Email. This is achieved by continuously analyzing the more than 208 million relationships between Contactually users and their networks. Band added, “This increased responsiveness is a huge advantage for an individual agent, team or entire office.”

What is Contactually?

As the company describes it, Contactually offers a virtual assistant for your email. What this means is, it can point out when you should take the next step to interact with important contacts. It does this by analyzing the conversation history of your contacts and making recommendations to engage with them.

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Through the dashboard or the digest email, it sends every morning, you will get notified about the activities you have to take for the day with your contacts in order of priority. You can scroll through automatic follow-up recommendations, self-scheduled tasks, program step approval requests and recurring events.

The Benefit for Agents

For many independent real estate agents and agencies, operations are generally run with minimal staff. So there might not be someone to remind them of important contacts, dates and events. Being able to use a technology that will automate follow-up reminders means less time spent on calendars and more time with your clients.

Contactually is available as a free trial for the three tiers of services it offers. Based on a yearly contract, Basic starts at $39 per month, Professional is $59 per month, and Accelerator is $99 per month.

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  1. Marketers have wondered about email open rates for ages. But it is more important to understand how a prospect is converted into a sale, don’t you think? Sure, it helps. But at the end of the day, the sale matters more.

  2. Stats can help you but your products and services should allow you to have a lasting relationship with your customers.

  3. Email marketing still works. It is a great way to reach your customers. But be sure to only provide information that they actually need.