Best CRM for Small Business: Here Are 7 Key Features (INFOGRAPHIC)

What Are the Best CRM Features for Your Small Business? (Infographic)

Although customer relationship management (CRM) has more traction now, the concept has been around since the first business decided to engage with and keep tabs on its customers. The new infographic by Transcosmos Information Systems asks, “What Makes Up An Effective Customer Relationship Management System.”

The answer to the question will vary greatly depending on the industry your business is in and its size. But neither of those factors should keep you from deploying a CRM system for your business because the technology delivers a tremendous amount of benefits — especially in today’s digital ecosystem.

If you think your small business is too small to have a CRM systems, think agan! A CRM system can be used by anyone who has to deal with customers. This includes freelancers working from their homes or businesses with large operations. And even though you hear large enterprises talking about a company like Salesforce, don’t let this intimidate you because this technology also serves the small business community.

In addressing what CRM can do for you, James Patterson, Head of Business Development for Global Corporate Clients at Transcosmos Information Systems, explained on the company blog:

“You could look at CRM both as a software that helps you manage your customer database and a business philosophy that helps you improve your relationship with your customers. In short, CRM is both a tool and a strategy that you use to keep customers satisfied and loyal to your services.”

So What CRM Features Should You Look For?

According to the infographic, there are seven CRM features you probably want as part of your system. And while they are not the only important features, the functionalities highlighted will give you the tools you need to, as Patterson explains, “significantly contribute to how you position your company as a customer-oriented and highly efficient organization.”

First your CRM system should have process automation, which will allow you to automate many of the time-consuming workflows. This includes setting up reminders, scheduling calls, making sure you make your appointments and more.

Second there should be multichannel support so you can communicate with your customers no matter what platform they are on. You should be able to respond with calls, chats, email, SMS or social media.

CRM systems should also have flexible security,  be simple and easy to navigate, have integrated analytics, be customizable and have the ability to track and score leads.

You can take a look at the infographic for more details below.

What Are the Best CRM Features for Your Small Business? (Infographic)

Images: TransCosmos

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