GetSiteControl Lets You Build Widgets for Ecommerce Sites and More

GetSiteControl Lets You Build Widgets for Ecommerce Sites and More

Are you optimizing the pages of your website, social media, blogs and other digital channels for engagement? If you are not, GetSiteControl has created a solution designed to simplify the process so you can insert the right call-to-action widget at the right time.

GetSiteControl is a cloud app which lets you easily add 7 call-to-action widgets so they can appear at the right time. The widgets are email opt-in forms, contact forms, promo bars and popups, survey forms, follow buttons, share buttons, and live chats. Depending on the amount of time users spend, the number of pages they scroll, or when they are about to leave, the widget will show up.

Being able to optimize each touchpoint so you can better engage with your customers is one of the benefits of digital technology, and one that is readily available to small businesses. The solution from GetSiteControl gives a small business more control. It means not having to call website developer when you have a new product, marketing campaign or special promotion to insert the widgets.

GetSiteControl Presents Widgets Simplified

Installing widgets the old way involves manually adding at least 3 different scripts, or installing 3 different plugins, not to mention what it will cost you. With GetSiteControl you can insert any of the seven widgets from a single dashboard with zero coding knowledge, according to the company.

GetSiteControl Lets You Build Widgets for Ecommerce Sites and More

The dashboard gives you full control, so you can customize how the widgets look, add images and set user targets. Once your rules are set, the widgets can show customized messages to new and returning visitors by identifying them via location, device, browser, OS, traffic source, IP or UTM parameters (Urchin Tracking Module; used to track URLs).

Small Business Deals

When you are ready to place the widgets, you can do so in your e-commerce or website, as well as email subscription form, contact form, live chat, survey, promo pop-up or social media buttons. And you can track the performance with real-time stats using graphs and downloadable reports.


Businesses use many different apps and web tools to get through the day. Everything from communications, email, management, collaboration and other applications are part of the arsenal. But getting them to work together is always a challenge. To overcome this problem, GetSiteControl has come together with Zapier to integrate its application with 1,000 web tools.

GetSiteControl Lets You Build Widgets for Ecommerce Sites and More


GetSiteControl starts with a free tier, which includes one site and up to 50,000 monthly views per site. The next version is Plus at $19 per month and also for one site, however, you get 500,000 monthly viewers per site. The Pro comes in at $29 per month and unlimited views for one site, but you get the option of adding users for $9 per month for each person.

Engagement, the New Marketing

In an email to Small Business Trends, Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer at Forbes Media, said, “Customer engagement is the new marketing. No amount of advertising, promotion or discounts can overcome a poor experience with the brand, whether it’s the products or service itself, indifferent customer service or a confusing invoice.”

For small businesses, it has never been easier to engage with their customers. With minimal investment and some effort, you can fully engage with your customers no matter where they are. The solution GetSiteControl offers is but one of many tools you can use to make this possible.

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