Highly Successful Startup Founders’ Secrets Revealed (INFOGRAPHIC)

habits of successful startup owners

Successful startups will look different from one company to the next, but some habits of the owners are similar and help push the startups to success. If you are a startup owner or considering starting a small company, there are some common things successful startup owners do you should know about.

Top Habits of Successful Startup Owners

Successful startup owners demonstrate great resolve and discipline. Their habits and unique set of characteristic set them apart and help them succeed in business. Here are some of the top things highly successful owners do all the time that make all the difference for their companies.

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1. They Set Goals

Successful startup owners set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time- bound) goals. Ask yourself three questions when setting your own business goals: what is the enduring purpose of this venture, what will this startup look like in 5 years, and what experiments can I be doing now to test my concepts and reach my long-term goals. Asking these basic questions will help you think critically about your business and the bigger picture of your efforts.

2. They Network

Successful startup owners actively seek networking opportunities that will grow their business and challenge their minds. They attend industry events and hold face-to-face talks with clients, investors, industry thought leaders at social events, restaurants, bars and co-working spaces to build strong business relationships and contacts. Spend time networking and getting to know new people. It will open new doors of opportunity for you and propel your startup into the stratosphere.

3. They Maintain Self-Awareness

Successful startup owners are self-aware. They know their personality types and what they can and can’t do so well. This self-awareness allows them to focus on their strengths and seek help where they realize they need it. Know yourself better, and be aware of others, too. Encourage an open, friendly and supportive learning workplace environment. It’ll help with team building, and bring great results.

Learn more about habits of successful startup owners from this neat infographic by InsuranceQuotes below.

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Top Habits of Successful Startup Owners

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