Marketing Agencies and Consultants Save 25 Hours Monthly with New Infusionsoft Tool

Infusionsoft Partner Edition Tool May Save Marketing Agencies and Consultants 25 Hours Monthly

Infusionsoft just launched a new tool that aims to help marketing agencies and consultants that work with small business clients.

Infusionsoft Partner Edition

Partner Edition, as it’s called, gives Infusionsoft partners a single platform to manage all their different clients and campaigns. It includes features to deliver marketing campaigns directly to clients and measure the effectiveness of those campaigns.

For client based businesses like marketing agencies and business consultants, Partner Edition offers an easy way to stay organized, even when multiple clients with varying needs are involved. The simplification of those processes can help small business service providers save valuable time, allowing them to spend even more of it actually working with their clients and growing their businesses. According to Infusionsoft, the more than 500 agencies and consultants who have already started using Partner Edition have reported up to 25 hours of labor saved per month.

Tom Romary, Vice President of Partner Platforms and Business Development at Infusionsoft said in an email to Small Business Trends, “Partner Edition provides agencies and consultants with one place to manage all clients, reducing up to 25 hours of administrative work every month. It is also the first product of its kind to enable agencies and consultants to distribute marketing campaigns to multiple clients at the click of a button in seconds. The 500 agencies and consultants using Partner Edition say it enables them to deliver better service and grow businesses without adding overhead.”

Partner Edition is an extension of the Infusionsoft CRM platform. It is now available for free to all Infusionsoft Partners. You can learn more about the Infusionsoft partner program on the company’s website.

Once you log into your Infusionsoft partner account, your dashboard will give you access to a list of active campaigns and active clients. You can then sort or filter through that information to track specific campaigns. Or you can create new campaigns or bundles of campaigns to send out to multiple clients.

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  1. I find it interesting that Infusionsoft did all the work on the SMB version of their tool and THEN did the agency version. Most tools work the other direction since agency business is higher revenue. Props to them for focusing on the SMB and it probably makes for a much better agency version.

    • Yes, that’s a great point. It probably made more sense this way for the customers, even if it didn’t lead to as much profit short-term.

  2. I have been looking into this tool for it has various integrations with other tools such as Memberium. But since it’s an all-in-one tool, it can get quite confusing.