New MailChimp Campaign Builder Gives Small Business Marketers More Flexibility

New MailChimp Campaign Builder Designed for Ease of Use and Sharing

The new campaign builder from MailChimp has been improved to give you more flexibility so you can address each point of the campaign when you are ready.

Unlike the step-by-step process of the past, the new check-off system allows for improved collaboration and the flexibility to go to different parts of the campaign at any given time. The upgrade also has additional options for sharing on social media.

Using email as part of your overall business marketing is a good strategy. Because when it comes to receiving regular updates and promotions from companies they are interested in doing business with, 60 percent of respondents in a survey chose email as the most preferred communication method. The numbers get even better when you optimize your emails for mobile devices.

The New MailChimp Campaign Builder Improvements

When you start creating an email campaign, the flow of ideas will not come in order. This is important to remember because the old system assumed they did.

On the company blog, MailChimp product manager Michaela Moore writes, “As we started expanding into other channels, we found that the linear process for building an email wasn’t the best design for new features like Facebook and Google remarketing ads and landing pages.”

The concern also came from customers, who said, “The campaign builder makes us finish steps we’re not ready for.”

With the checklist, you can see different components of your campaign all in one place, which includes a quick preview. You will have more control over how you build the emails you create before you send them out into the world.

New MailChimp Campaign Builder Designed for Ease of Use and Sharing

Another feature has simplified auto posting on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. You can now share the emails you create on one or both platforms by quickly customizing the message for each audience. It can then be linked to your store, your website or MailChimp landing page without having to include the URL for your campaign archive page.

New MailChimp Campaign Builder Designed for Ease of Use and Sharing

Email Marketing

For 81 and 80 percent of small- and medium-sized retailers in the US, email marketing is responsible for driving customer acquisition and retention respectively.

Creating the right email campaign can be the difference between high and low open rates. The process MailChimp has created continues to simplify the process so you can build a campaign that will deliver better results.

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  1. Aira Bongco

    I love mailchimp. I just didn’t like that you cannot set autoresponder messages on the free platform. But it is the only autoresponder that offer free services for new lists.

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