Pitchsome Encourages Small Businesses to Show – Not Tell – in Video Marketplace

Pitchsome Marketplace Wants Entrepreneurs to Show New Products (Not Tell) via Video

Product descriptions play a big role in the initial purchasing decision of consumers. Pitchsome takes this step to a new level by using video to enhance the customer experience so they can see the product in action.

Show, Don’t Tell on Pitchsome Marketplace

Pitchsome says it is the world’s first video content platform for selling and buying products. With the tagline “Show, Don’t Tell,” the company’s business model comes at a time when video is becoming the preferred medium for consuming content by consumers and businesses alike.

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For small businesses looking to sell their product and connect with their customers on a more personal level, Pitchsome is a great resource. For crafters, artists and others with unique handmade products, using video is a great way to make this connection.

Pitchsome is a Dutch company founded by Junaid Sahebzada, who is also the CEO. He said, in a company press release, one of the reasons he created the company was because “Small companies still struggle to get the attention of customers in their specific niches.”

Selling on Pitchsome

With Pitchsome you have total control of the video for your products because you create it. Once you have the video, register for the service, choose the account you want and submit the product through the vendor dashboard. It will be approved and online in 24 hours.

You have three tiers to choose from; starting with the Basic Pitch, which comes with a free trial for one month. After the trial, it will cost you $29 per month for a single product. The Standard Pitch will run you $49 per month for two products, and Professional Pitch gives you 10 products for $99 per month.Pitchsome Marketplace Wants Entrepreneurs to Show New Products (Not Tell) via Video

The Power of Video

The growth of video is being driven by smart mobile devices, social media and increasingly faster wireless broadband speeds. Cisco’s Visual Networking Index says video will account for 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2019.

Small Business Deals

When it comes to consumers, four times as many of them would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. For 74 percent of millennials, video is more helpful when comparison shopping, while 60 percent said they prefer it to reading a newsletter.

If you provide solutions for executives, they also prefer video. Fifty-nine percent of them say they would rather watch video than reading text. 

Using Video to Compete

One of the ways small businesses can compete with large retailers is by making personalized connections with their customers. With video, you can get closer by letting them know about you, your company and the products you offer. The Pitchsome platform is one way you can do this.

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  1. Right. It is about creating businesses that demonstrates what you do. This may mean that you need more time for creating a video. But people no longer listen to empty claims.