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My kids hate commercials.

I mean, I hated them growing up, but there was no escape so you just put up with them. But my kids HATE commercials.

I think they’re so used to any and all content available on-demand when, where and how they want it, mostly ad-free, that when they have to put up with advertising they get really frustrated.

So one day my daughter was ranting about a local hardware commercial that kept interrupting her Hulu cooking show (I won’t spring for the no-commercial option) and the idea of inserting a commercial into another everyday setting occurred to me and this cartoon popped out.

I don’t know if this is what’s coming, but if it is, it’s going to drive my kids bananas.

Side note — I just noticed that the cat I drew on the Kitty Winks bag is, in fact, not winking. Sorry.

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