Read the Real Reasons Behind ReviewJump Changing its Name to RevenueJump

A Broader Mission of Helping You Turn Reviews Into Revenue is the Real Reasons Behind ReviewJump Changing its Name to RevenueJump

Reputation and review management software company ReviewJump just announced that it is changing its name to RevenueJump to better communicate how it can help businesses actually increase revenue by managing reviews and feedback.

The company has been around for a couple of years already. So going through an entire rebranding and name changing process might not be ideal. But ReviewJump was facing an issue that has plagued plenty of small businesses throughout the years. It was being judged solely based on its name. And the team didn’t feel that the name accurately communicated the broad potential of its offerings.

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To accomplish the goal of increasing revenue for its customers, the company offers a few different services, including one aimed at attracting paying customers using social proof and another that helps businesses track employees and identify areas for improvement.

More specifically, the company offers a software that allows companies to automatically send quick, one-click surveys to customers when they make a purchase. You can ask about the experience overall or something specific like employee performance. The negative reviews stay private but allow decision makers to learn a bit about where they might need to improve. But the software also allows for customers to leave positive reviews that can then easily be posted publicly, improving the business’s chance for attracting new customers and ranking higher on Google.

Brodie Tyler, founder of RevenueJump said in an email to Small Business Trends, “For two solid years we’ve marketed and grown the ReviewJump brand, so the decision to change the name was no easy decision. The change itself is even more difficult! However, we felt like a book being judged by its cover. Our software is not only going to be about helping companies monitor and grow their 5-star reviews. Specifically, we’ll also be helping them turn positive feedback into referrals, useful employee performance reports, bounce back offers, testimonials, website content, and more. By helping HR, marketing and sales executives alike, RevenueJump will really live up to its tagline, ‘Monetize the Unspoken.’”

Helping You Turn Reviews Into Revenue

Plenty of businesses understand the importance of positive reviews and feedback from customers. But they might not understand just how much that feedback can impact the bottom line. So with the name change, RevenueJump hopes to better communicate that.

Small Business Deals

The small business package starts at $49 per month, with custom pricing options also available for those looking for specific advanced features.

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  1. Smart rebrand. While the focus helps your brand early on, it can pigeon-hole you later as you grow. Hope it works for them.