Business Travel is Your Worst Enemy – Unless It’s to One of These 6 Cities (INFOGRAPHIC)

6 Top Cities for Business Travel in 2018

Traveling can be tedious, especially when it’s on work.

Long flights, jet lags, expenses and poor network coverage are just some of the reasons most professionals dread travel. But not all destinations cause travel woes. Some cities, in fact, provide excellent travel experience, both business and leisure-wise.

London-based premium chauffeured services provider, Hyryde, has come up with a list of best cities for business travel.

Top Cities for Business Travel in 2018

Hong Kong

Hong Kong tops the list as the most preferred destination for business travel. Not only is the city one of the least corrupt economies in the world, it is also famous for its free-market policies.

For travelers, Hong Kong stands out also because information is easily available and there are popular sites to visit for leisure.

The city is a popular hub for industries such as financial services, trading, tourism and professional services.


What makes Toronto unique is its urban and cosmopolitan population. Apart from offering several sightseeing options such as the CN Tower, Lake Ontario and Eaton Center, the city is also good for business.

Industries that have thrived in Toronto include commercial aircraft manufacturing, financial services and technology.

New York

Not surprisingly, New York is ranked as one of the best destinations for business travel. Several big companies are based out of New York, which means the city has excellent infrastructure for business.

Financial services, media, communications and technology industries, in particular, favor New York.

It is also famous for its tourist sites such as Central Park and Empire State Building.

Curious which other cities made it to the list? Check out the inforgraphic below:

6 Top Cities for Business Travel in 2018


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  1. And if you live in the middle portion of the US, none of these cities are easy to get to. They’re all expensive. So you better have some dang good reasons for traveling there.

  2. The department of tourism in different countries should work to encourage business travel.