Spotlight: Truvid Offers Video Specifically for Professionals

Spotlight: Truvid Is a Video Advertising Platform Specifically for Professionals

Video has become a powerful tool for a lot of businesses, whether you’re creating advertisements or looking for ways to explain a product or service. Platforms like YouTube give video creators a way to easily share their content. But a new platform, Truvid, goes a step further.

The platform is made specifically for professionals, giving video creators a way to monetize their content and making it easy for others to find specific types of videos. Read more about the platform and the company behind it in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers a professional online video platform.

Roee Lichtenfeld, CEO of Branovate, the company behind Truvid told Small Business Trends, “We act as a professional video hub for media owners, content distributors and advertisers. Simply put – those three pillars of our business can communicate, interact and monetize their digital footprint through Truvid.”

Business Niche

Making it easy for video creators to share and find content.

Lichtenfeld says, “We dedicate our resources to ensuring that media owners can access professional video content and run with it on our video widgets which are designed for maximum user experience. We’ve also branched out into native video advertising, which gives our media owners an additional edge when it comes to content and advertising.”

Small Business Deals

Spotlight: Truvid Is a Video Advertising Platform Specifically for Professionals

How the Business Got Started

By noticing a need in the industry.

Lichtenfeld explains, “We have another business where we interact with media owners, and as time went by, we basically were noticing that publishers weren’t getting rewarded for their content or ads, and they didn’t have a specific place they could go to to get access to video content. Youtube is an option (one of many) – but a) you don’t get any finance reward for using the content. b) it’s mostly user generated and c) it’s not brand safe. you can’t monitor what is running. On that basis, we developed Truvid, putting our media owners as our top priority.”

Biggest Win

Onboarding a new entertainment website.

Lichtenfeld says, “For us, it was the first of many wins, as that confirmed to us that the video landscape was evolving – and media owners were starting to understand that they deserved to be paid for their efforts and their real estate. That entertainment website also promoted their video content through truvid, so their win is two fold: once as a media owner and another as a content distributor.”

Biggest Risk

Waiting to unveil a big feature.

Lichtenfeld says, “Right at the beginning, when we were taking our first steps, we weren’t sure if we wanted media owners to also upload their content to Truvid. The risk for us was that it took a while to develop and we didn’t want our other projects in the pipeline to get delayed. We knew this was a priority, but we weren’t sure of the timing. We decided to push back our other projects and focus on developing that feature for publishers. The end result definitely shows that it was worth it. Media owners can now upload their video content to our website and generate even more revenues. So for example, if a food blog connects to truvid, they profit two fold. They can use our food videos and widgets, and also upload any videos they generate and distribute them.”Spotlight: Truvid Is a Video Advertising Platform Specifically for Professionals

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Rewarding customers and team members

Lichtenfeld says, “I would invest half in technological features that our media providers have requested for 2018 (they’re on the drawing board, but I’d push up the launch time). And the other half I’d invest in our team. Our team is like a family, and rewarding them is one of my top priorities.”

Favorite Quote

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” – H Jackson Brown Jr

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