Zoho CRM Blueprint Maps Out Process for Your Sales Team

Zoho CRM Blueprint Maps Out Process for Your Sales Team

Zoho’s CRM Blueprint maps out a sales process designed to help businesses streamline and improve sales activities. Blueprint, Zoho’s newest CRM feature, is aimed at efficiently aligning sales processes with CRM. Blueprint is also designed to ensure sales teams follow through with the streamlined process.

Efficient and effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is important for small businesses, helping increase customer loyalty and retention. As sales teams grow, it’s vital small businesses have a sales process in place that ensures sufficient levels of attention are given to the right customers and leads.

Zoho CRM Blueprint

Zoho’s CRM Blueprint increases CRM efficiency by cluing sales reps in on what they need to do next to convert the prospect into a sale.

One feature in Zoho’s Blueprint is the Editor tool, which automatically prompts sales reps to fill in the correct information wherever necessary, meaning when you are ready to close the deal, the right information can be conveniently located.

Talking about the difficulty many salespeople have with moving through various deal stages, following up with clients on a schedule and moving the process forward, Jeremy Mozlin, sales support author at ZBrains, explains how Zoho’s Blueprint improves the sales deal cycle.

“Blueprint takes this routine a step further, making it possible to complete tasks directly from the Deal screen and giving those tasks a wider context from which salespeople can view them and understand exactly where they are in the sales cycle,” writes Mozlin in a ZBrains post.

Zoho’s Blueprint technology can be used to assist a wide spectrum of salespeople, as the process can be as beneficial to long-term sales team members as it can for new hires. By turning best sales practices into daily actions, Zoho’s Blueprint CRM ensures vital sales activities not only occur, but happen within the timeframe you have specified.

With built-in reports, you can also uncover which parts of your sales process need the most attention and revision.

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