Gives Ecommerce Fashion Sellers Plugin to Offer 3D Fittings Gives Ecommerce Fashion Sellers 3D Virtual Styling Plugin to Offer 3D Fittings just announced the availability of its 3D virtual fitting and styling technology for retailers and consumers for the North American market. You can now let your customers see how the clothes you sell online look on their personal avatars.

3D Virtual Styling in Action

The patented technology by brings together 3D rendering and 4K video to accurately capture the garments. After they become part of your catalog, customers can see how each item looks on their avatar. Using their smartphone, tablet or computer, they can also get fit recommendations and purchase merchandise in real-time.

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For small boutiques and other retailers, this is a technology that will solve many of the difficulties of selling clothes online. Shipping costs for returned items, complaints about damaged merchandise and other merchandise problems can be minimized or avoided entirely. Gives Ecommerce Fashion Sellers 3D Virtual Styling Plugin to Offer 3D Fittings

The technology has the potential to make selling clothes online as easy as it is in brick and mortar outlets. The CEO of, Rufus Parkinson, said retailers in the US are dealing with the transition to eCommerce and the demands that come with it from consumers. In a press release announcing the new plugin, Parkinson said, “Our technology enables a personalized shopping experience that consumers were long craving, whilst inspiring them to find the styles and outfits they love.”

The Technology has created a comprehensive system designed to be easily integrated into the workflow of a company’s ecommerce platform.

Small Business Deals

It starts by integrating the system with a one-time installation. says it only takes a few lines of code, and you will be up and running. After the installation, you can digitize the garments in your inventory using 3D scanning, and according to the company it only takes seconds.

The inventory then becomes part of the content management system, which includes an analytics dashboard with insights into customer behavior and proportions. This includes body sizes and shapes, desired fits, preferred styles, mix and matching, and ultimate purchasing triggers. You can then use the data to make purchasing decisions, deliver targeted marketing, and run a more efficient Gives Ecommerce Fashion Sellers 3D Virtual Styling Plugin to Offer 3D Fittings

E-Commerce Integration

The integration of e-Commerce gives small businesses access to new markets and a lot of potential for growth. For small clothing stores still on the fence because they don’t want to deal with returns and the associated costs, offers a technology which reduces these pain points or makes them disappear altogether.


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