What’s the Best Backup Software for Your Small Business? See These 10 Options

What is the Best Backup Software for Your Small Business?

Backup software is an important tool for your small business. Why? Because research tells us well over half of the small businesses that lose their data close down after six months.

Best Backup Software List

Here’s a list of some of the best choices for your company.


This product allows you to manage dashboards on remote computers. That’s a big bonus if your small business is planning to expand or already has subsidiary locations. All you need is one IDrive account to backup all of your business data. This industry leader even backs up your servers and databases in real time.

The basic account is free but you only get 5G of storage. IDrive Business is $74.52 a year for the first year with unlimited users and 250G.  There’s a personal option as well.


This is the backup software option with the name you probably already know. You get automatic backup protection that’s based in the cloud with an option to schedule your backups throughout the working day as you see fit. It’s a great option for small businesses with peak business periods like restaurants.

Mozy Sync gives you access to synced folders when you’re on the road.

Monthly plans start at $13.89 for 10GB with one and two year options.


This software offers business continuity features where some of the others don’t. Different administrators can be assigned different roles and your backups can be stored in several different locations.

A one year subscription starts at $69 with a perpetual license for $89 dollars.


Box Business features unlimited storage and an integration with MS Office 365. This one includes international regulatory standards like ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and HIPAA for those small businesses with international clients.

For anywhere from 3 users up to 10, Box Business is reasonable at about $9 per month to start.


This product offers external drive backups and the ability to restore files via external drive. Just be aware, Backblaze doesn’t offer any options for server backups like some of the more expensive products.

This subscription-based online backup costs $50 yearly for unlimited storage.


Here’s another straightforward addition to the list to entice a small business owner with free upgrades if he or she is looking to keep costs down. CrashPlan PRO has an account allowing administrators to manage multiple user accounts, change permissions for employees and see real-time report numbers on account activity and storage use.

One of the drawbacks is the lack of server backups, but CrashPlan PRO is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. Subscriptions are reasonable at $9.99 a computer per month, but you need to buy three licenses.


This company has just added a new mobile app so you can get files from any Android or Apple iOS device. This is great for sales teams and travelling small business owners.  Your ADrive account even allows you to edit and save documents with Zoho technology.

Large files are no problem with a 16GB transfer ability.

ADrive offers a free trial with a business account and a monthly price starting at $7 dollars.

CloudBerry Backup

This product is advertised as a cloud backup and disaster recovery solution. One of the features making the most difference is standard encryption in transit for best in class security.

One of the other excellent features is the integration with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. You’ll need to have CD-Rom capability but you’ll get business continuity features great for small businesses in areas where storms can knock power out.

CloudBerry Backup is more expensive than some of the other options and lists at $299.99.

Jungle Disk

Small businesses are always looking for good value and Jungle Disk supplies it. The price is affordable but you will give up business continuity features and the active directory backup you’ll find in other backup software.

Even though it’s affordable, Jungle Disk offers server backups and specifically mentions working with popular accounting software like QuickBooks.

Prices start at $4 dollars per month per user.


Arcserve’s Cloud promises features like managing restores, tracking cloud usage and scheduling backups from one console.  This software offers Office 365 backup. It also has a tool to reduce data duplication so you don’t wind up being buried with repetition.

Small businesses are offered a free 30 day trial.

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