Conversica Acquires to Give Small Business a Leg Up on AI Conversations

Conversica Acquired to Give Small Business a Leg Up on AI Conversations

Small businesses that can’t afford to hire data scientists and machine learning experts — and that’s probably most of them —  now have a sales and marketing AI virtual assistant scaled specifically to them. Conversica, a company supplying conversational AI for business, announced the recent acquisition of, a company focused on the Latin American sales and marketing AI space.

Conversica Acquired

The acquisition will add necessary customer and prospect communication data  so small businesses can get involved with AI without needing to start from scratch. And small businesses that already have AI capabilities will be able to improve their existing services.

Helps with Qualified Leads

The acquisition will also help to focus human sales teams on qualified leads by adding social media capabilities and another language to the existing library.

Company research highlights poor performance on lead follow-up, meaning sales teams are not properly following up on leads that have expressed a strong desire to buy. In fact, Conversica data finds 70 percent of hot leads aren’t contacted at all by human sales teams or only once or twice but those teams are stopping short of the sale.

Adds Virtual Assistants

Conversica uses virtual assistants powered by AI to enhance and automate everyday business conversations. The AI Sales Assistants from the company engage and qualify leads for the sales team.

Also Adds Other Capabilities

This “Intelligens” acquisition adds capabilities through Facebook Messenger, Slack and Skype integrations and a library of AI conversations in Spanish. It also adds new training data to the existing product as well.  It will focus on the Latin American market where there are over 400 million native Spanish speakers.

Uses Chatbots

Carl Landers, the CMO of Conversica, told Small Business Trends how conversational AI (chatbots) get applied to this common sales and marketing dilemma.

“Conversica’s AI Sales Assistants come trained out of the box from hundreds of millions of interactions with sales leads, and the company has a proven methodology for getting customers up and running with a checklist that’s manageable for any small business,” Landers said.

Does the Hard Work

“The Conversica plus Intelligens AI Sales assistants do the hard work of promptly, personably and persistently following up with inquiries so that 100 percent of a small business’ leads get followed up 100 percent of the time,” Landers added.

“This frees up the salespeople to spend more time closing business, whether that’s selling an insurance policy, refinancing a mortgage, selling a new vehicle, signing up a new member or providing a business service,” he said.

Ads to Existing AI Functions

Last year, Conversica released several new AI functions like support for conversations through SMS messaging and text, new Japanese, German and French assistant languages as well as automated appointment scheduling. The company processed over 300 million messages in 2017.

Conversica’s flagship AI sales assistant currently works with 1000 customers globally including Fortune 500 companies like Epson and IBM.

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