Cisco, Apple, Aon and Allianz Work to Shield Small Businesses From Cyber Attack

Is This New Cyber Risk Management Partnership Right for Small Business?

A new partnership between Cisco, Apple, Aon and Allianz seeks to protect small businesses from the growing threat of cyberattack. The threat to small business is growing, with around 43 percent of all cyber attacks squarely aimed at this segment.

The Cisco, Apple, Aon and Allianz Cyber Security and Insurance package was established so small businesses can manage the risks they face from the threats of common malware and ransomware. And when they do become victims of an attack, the service gives them the resiliency to quickly recover and minimize their downtime, the companies say.

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The cybersecurity threat small businesses face is alarming. More than 72 percent of successful data breaches happen in smaller companies, and around 71 percent of owners say they don’t have confidence in the cybersecurity measures they currently have in place. With all the associated risk, and many citing data breaches as their number one concern, almost two thirds or 65 percent go without cyber insurance.

Cyber Risk Management Partnership

The cyber insurance and security package created with the collaboration of Cisco, Apple, Aon, and Allianz is a comprehensive solution designed to protect the organization as a whole.

Jason Hogg, CEO of Aon Cyber Solutions, explains the approach in a release announcing the new service. He says, “This holistic solution provides our clients with an integrated approach to addressing ransomware risk. We can provide customers with guidance on what cyber defenses, resources and processes to deploy to improve their cyber posture. It’s the improved cyber posture that makes them eligible for enhanced/broader cyber insurance protection.”

As part of the Cyber Risk Framework, this solution allows organizations to act on the risks they face with streamlined access to the right tools to strengthen their security while reducing cyber risk.

The process starts with an evaluation of your digital ecosystem to provide the insights you need to bolster the security posture of your company. Once your security profile has been strengthened with tools from Apple and Cisco, your organization can qualify for enhanced cyber risk insurance. This is where the insurance underwritten by Allianz and sold by Aon comes in to add another layer of protection.

According to the partnership, “This enhanced insurance offers broader coverage terms and conditions than generally existing insurance coverage.”

With this solution in place, you will be able to respond to advanced threats faster, empower your employees, increase your cyber insurance profile to get protected from additional risk while gaining security expertise.

Though information on the total cost of the program was not provided, more information is available by contacting any one of the partners for more.

Image: Cisco

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