23% of Employees Have No Benefits, An Opportunity for Small Businesses?

Employee Benefits Statistics: 23% of Full-Time Employees Have No Benefits

Almost a quarter of full-time employees don’t have any kind of benefits, such as retirement savings, health insurance or even paid vacations. The lack of benefits among full-time workers in the U.S. was unveiled in a recent survey on employee benefits, compiled by Clutch, providers of loyalty marketing, solutions and strategies.

The survey also found that childcare benefits are not being given away generously by employers, with just 21% of full-time employees receiving paid parental leave. Health insurance is considered the most important benefit, with more than half – 55 percent –  of employees regarding health insurance as the most pressing type of benefit in relation to job satisfaction.

The survey highlights the importance for small business owners to offer employees benefits, such as health insurance and paid vacations. Rewarding employees with certain benefits inevitably helps small businesses recruit and retain the most talented members of staff. This increases a firm’s competitiveness and leads to a more happy and positive working environment, which helps improve productivity and ultimately increases company turnover.

As Mary Pharris, director of business development and partnerships for Fairygodboss, said in a press release about the survey, “So many of us rely on our employers for these benefits. It’s important to have a comprehensive benefits package if you want to compete in the global workforce and attract the best talent.”

The survey, which interviewed 507 people in full-time employment in the United States, also highlighted a generational divide on how benefits are valued. For example, the study found that millennials are more likely to prioritize paid vacations and overtime over health insurance, compared to older generations.

The general outcome of the survey is that a significant proportion of full-time workers in the U.S. are dissatisfied with their benefits, and employers need to do more to reward staff with important company benefits.

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  1. With the increasing price of health insurance, that has become a critical benefit to employee recruitment and retention. And I don’t think employees properly value it.