New ezeep Dash Service Moves Small Business Printing to the Cloud

What ezeep Dash Promises - Dump Your Print Servers and Forget About Driver Updates

ThinPrint Cloud Services has a new solution called ezeep Dash which can move your entire print management system to the cloud.

Printers and printer drivers can now be fully managed in one portal without a server while being able to print locally if there is no internet connection. The company says ezeep Dash simplifies the overall printing process by keeping the printing path short and direct.

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Optimizing printing services is still a challenge for small businesses. According to the State of SMB Document Management survey by Xerox, 64 percent of small businesses can’t track printer usage or costs. This is despite the fact they are using a more paper-intensive process within their organizations.

Whether you have drivers for printers on all your computers or a server, ezeep Dash looks to remove these barriers to make printing much easier for your small business.

In a release about the new service, Christoph Hammer, CEO at ThinPrint Cloud Services Inc, said:

“With nearly 20 years of experience in network printing and our long-standing cooperation as a member of the Cloud Printing Alliance with virtually all renowned printer manufacturers, we’re able to offer our customers not just a completely serverless, intuitively-operated solution, but also a continuously growing pool of the most up-to-date printer drivers.”

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ezeep Dash Features

According to the company, ezeep Dash offers a server-free print management solution with fast setup. It centralizes the management of printers and drivers in the cloud for direct IP printing. When a driver or IP address changes, it is automatically updated using the ezeep Dash Agent.

Users can carry out mobile, BYOD, guest, and remote printing tasks with any device, from any location to any printer.

What ezeep Dash Promises - Dump Your Print Servers and Forget About Driver Updates

What’s more ezeep Dash keeps printing local, meaning it doesn’t take place via the cloud. So printing in your office doesn’t require an internet connection.

You can try ezeep Dash with a free 30-day demo account for 10 users with support for Microsoft Windows 7 and higher. It will be available for Apple MacOS version 10.10 (Yosemite) and higher soon.

Printing Efficiency

The Xerox report pointed out the wait time for a document at a business with a shared central printer comes out to around three minutes for each employee or 13 hours annually in the US. Whether you have one or more employees, those wasted hours can be prevented with a print management solution.

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