Hatch Raises $1.3M to Help Small Businesses Develop Mobile Apps

Hatch Apps Raises $1.3M to Help Small Businesses Develop Mobile Apps

In its effort to help small businesses develop mobile apps without the upfront cost of traditional solutions, Hatch has raised $1.3 million.

Hatch Apps

The Hatch automated software development platform allows entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses to develop, launch and manage native iOS, Android and web apps. The new funding is going to be used to launch growth initiatives and scale the company’s engineering and infrastructure teams with the goal of continuing to develop innovative approaches to software creation.

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As more small businesses increase their mobile presence, developing their own apps delivers greater control, customization and management. This includes modifying content and functions, sending push notifications, making updates and more without the back and forth with developers. And Hatch says it can make this happen at one-tenth the cost and time of existing software development options.

The CEO of Hatch, Param Jaggi, pointed out the challenges businesses without tech backgrounds face when creating their own applications. In the press release, he said, “…I’ve seen how opaque the industry is, and how vulnerable businesses are when they lack the technical knowledge to create and implement their own software. By automating app development, we’re striking down barriers to entry and making it possible for anyone to build production-grade software without writing a line of code.”

The Process

You can create the app yourself or get help from a specialist. The process is as easy as choosing what kind of app you want to create and using the company’s design wizard to get help in the customizations of the application. And if you can’t or don’t want to do it, Hatch will customize the app for you, free of charge.

Additional features include content management, live updates to the app stores, push notifications from your dashboard, analytics and more with native code packages. With native code, your Android, iOS and web apps will work as intended on each platform.

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Hatch Apps Raises $1.3M to Help Small Businesses Develop Mobile Apps

When you finally finish your app and launch it, Hatch uses scalable infrastructure with automation and machine intelligence to make it available at all times with the latest updates.


Hatch has a flat monthly all-inclusive pricing structure which includes automated server storage, data management, debugging, updates, analytics and all other backend processes. The $1,000 price tag also provides unlimited app users and administrator seats. You can start by trying it for free.

Controlling Your Apps

With the type of control Hatch provides, you can make changes right away when you introduce new products, services and promotions to your business. This gives your customers access to the latest information so they can make purchasing decisions, visit your brick and mortar store or ask questions. It makes your company more available, which is critically important in a 24/7 commerce world.

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  1. I like the model, but I still feel the $1K/month price will be prohibitive to many SMBs. Interested to see how this grows and if they can bring down costs as they grow.

  2. Hi Robert,
    The price point will definitely be a challenge for many SMBs, but the integrated features might be worth it for others.

  3. This shows how important app development has become and it will evolve even more in the future.

  4. Understand the importance of mobile app development in the current situation. Nice post.