Illumiti Ready to Help Companies on Their Tech Journey

Illumiti Received an SAP Partner Award, Ready to Help Companies on Their Tech Journey

Illumiti is an SAP (NYSE: SAP) Partner that serves mid-market businesses in the mining, building materials, industrial machinery and components, and agricultural products industries with custom ERP solutions. Keeping the focus on those specific industries has allowed the Illumiti team to provide really specialized solutions that actually work for every client.

Nir Orbach, CEO of Illumiti said in a phone interview with Small Business Trends, “We focus on those industries because it gives us the ability to build our credentials and offer business expertise and domain knowledge so that when we talk to people in those industries we’ll be able to offer as much value as possible.”

Illumiti Received an SAP Partner Award

SAP recently recognized Illumiti with its SAP North America Award for Partner Excellence for Emerging Enterprises. The announcement was part of SAP’s 2018 Partner Excellence Awards.

In addition to the depth of knowledge the team has to offer across those verticals, Orbach also believes that the company’s dedication to constantly increasing its base of clients played a part in Illumiti receiving this type of recognition from SAP.

Orbach says, “We have a part of our team that’s dedicated to finding new companies for us to work with so we can help them with their tech journey. For me and for our business philosophy, it’s important to continue to grow as a company and constantly find new clients while also serving our existing accounts really well.”

Head of Ecosystem and Channels for SAP North America Marc Monday said in an email to Small Business Trends, “I am so proud to bestow this award on Ilumiti this year! They led the way for us in terms of helping customers adopt Cloud ERP across a number of important micro verticals. SMB is a huge focus for us right now in North America — we have an amazing platform and portfolio to offer growing mid-sized companies and Illumitti was the leader for us in the SMB customer segment.”

This type of recognition has meant a lot to the entire Illumiti team, according to Orbach. And it means even more since it’s an award for the company’s entire service area.

He explains, “It also means a lot to us that this is a North American award. We’re headquartered in Toronto and we’ve won some Canadian awards. But the fact that this is a North America wide award gives us some extra visibility and recognition, because we do serve customers throughout North America.”

SAP recognizes its regional partners in various regions around the world each year. To determine which partners receive these awards, the company looks at sales data, customer satisfaction numbers and other data collected by each company throughout the year.

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