JotForm Lets Your Customers Give Feedback with Gestures and Emojis

JotForm Cards Aims to Humanize Filling Out Forms 

Now small businesses have a mobile based alternative to awkward lengthy forms, and it mimics human gestures in a card format mirroring face-to-face interaction.

Introducing JotForm Cards

JotForm Cards has a graphical user interface (GUI) incorporating swiping gestures. The product also offers corrective suggestions like shaking ‘no’ when a response is incomplete. Users can scan ahead between these card prompts that make up the forms. There’s even an interactive emoji slider.

Collecting this kind of feedback is essential to small business strategy. Small businesses use forms to request customer feedback, generate leads, put orders together and gather any information they need to make decisions.

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Aytekin Tank, Founder and CEO of JotForm, said JotForm Cards were designed to make the experience more user friendly.

“Forms created with JotForm Cards hold customer’s attention better due to their streamlined, easy to follow design. Forms are clean and beautiful, but also packed with subtle features that motivate users to completion,” he told Small Business Trends.

Those features include allowing users to use their keyboard. The full-page text editor lets customers see all their responses outside of a tiny box and JotForm Cards even syncs with Google Maps.

Another big advantage to this mobile approach has to do with increased efficiency.

Small Business Deals

“Because online forms and surveys created with JotForm Cards receive higher conversion rates, the tool enables small businesses to get more responses from their customers, which means more valuable data that can positively impact their bottom line,” Tank says. “Our experiments have shown that online forms created with JotForm Cards have 36 percent higher conversion rates than traditional-style forms.”

JotForm Cards have a progress bar with bright green dots signaling when respondents have finished each task. The Welcome Page carries the businesses’ brand identity. Builders can even use the “Smart Embed” feature to make page adjustments on the fly.

JotForm is an online form builder founded in 2006. The company offers thousands of templates and themes. Its more than 100 integrations include names like PayPal, DropBox, and Salesforce. The has over two million users and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

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