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Level Up Your Skills with the New Networking Scorecard App

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The Networking Scorecard app from encourages you to build your business networking skills by scoring the different actions you take to grow business relationships., the world’s largest networking organization, created the Networking Scorecard app with some gamification features. The activities you perform when you network with your colleagues, partners, vendors and customers are scored with points so you can measure the results.

Small business owners may not put the same emphasis on networking as their enterprise counterparts, but it is equally important for organizations of all sizes. Building a network of like-minded individuals and businesses develops relationships that are mutually beneficial. This not only leads to more business, but it also becomes a valuable resource of information about new laws, regulations, events and deals.

Ivan Misner, Ph.D., the app’s creator and founder of, explained the app will change how you feel about your networking effort, as well as show you how to network the right way. In a press release, Misner said, “The app will teach you how to turn your relationships into profits, get and keep more customers, and measure your results in the process by scoring points for each activity.”

Key Features of the Networking Scorecard App

Whenever you write thank you notes or you take part in meetings, calls, events, referrals or other networking activities, you can track them with the app.

You earn points for these activities which helps you measure your networking skill level and performance. The app also includes a customizable networking calendar along with resources, worksheets and templates to get the most of the networks you build.

The app is based on the best selling book by Misner and others, Networking Like a Pro, and it will teach you how to build and expand your network with follow-up strategies, the company says.

Why You Should Increase Your Small Business Network

Having a network of business associates with common interests, drives and ambitions not only motivates you to move forward, but it also does the same for everyone in the group. Building a network is a proven way to share knowledge, find out about new opportunities and trends, increase your circle of connections and raise your profile.

You can get the Networking Scorecard app for Android and iOS.

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  1. So many applications coming up as we speak and it improves all of the processes. I guess this is another that is worth exploring for networking is essential for any small business.

  2. This is great. You really need to assess if your networking efforts are bearing fruit and you can do so with this tool.