Panasonic Debuts New High-Performance Scanner Designed for Small Business

Check out the Latest Panasonic High Performance Document Scanner for Small Businesses

Small businesses that struggle and lose a lot of time digitizing their paper documents and other paperwork may have another solution on the market.

Panasonic High Performance Document Scanner for Small Businesses

Panasonic has just introduced a high performance scanner to digitize paper documents at 30 pages per minute. The updated Panasonic KV-S1026C-MKII Document Scanner includes the company’s exclusive Image Capture Plus software suite.

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With it, small businesses can preview the docs they scan before saving them in a variety of digital formats and send them to various locations like email or a folder.


Joseph Odore, Product Manager at Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, highlighted a huge advantage to digitized records.

“The latest iteration of our KV-S1026C-MKII scanner allows businesses to focus on essential goals and tasks without wasting time on document management,” Odore said in a company handout.  “Plus, by digitizing records, users reduce the risk of losing critical information in the event of an emergency.”

Different Documents

Some of the other key features of the scanner include the ability to scan a variety of different documents like credit cards, passports and even EKGs.  A double-feed skip allows the scanner to bypass the errors otherwise caused by sticky notes or envelopes. There’s an Auto-Preview supplying nine images of each scanned document to choose from.

Adjust Individual Images

There’s even a feature to adjust individual images without needing to go back and rescan the entire document. The Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection and Active Double-Feed Prevention Roller System give the Panasonic KV-S1026C-MKII Document Scanner a high speed and resolution of 300 dots per inch (DPI).

The product also comes with a three-year warranty. You can learn more about the solutions that Panasonic has for small businesses here.

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  1. There is still a need for scanning and the old scanners just cannot do the job anymore. It needs something like this.

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