N’Ware Technologies Provides Old School Touch While Delivering High Tech Solutions

SAP 2018 Regional Award Winner, N'Ware Technologies, Delivers ERP Solutions to Manufacturing and Distribution Companies

N’Ware Technologies may be an SAP Gold Partner delivering cloud and on premises ERP solutions to businesses in the manufacturing ad distribution industries.

But the company also provides an old school touch even when selling high tech offerings.

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The N’Ware Technologies team communicates with most of its clients over the phone and in person, even though there is also a website and live chat for customers who prefer to do business that way. But no matter what each customer’s particular preferences, the team strives to provide personal service to everyone, performing walk-throughs of warehouses and manufacturing facilities and meeting with customers in person to make sure they have exactly the solution they need.

SAP (NYSE: SAP) recently recognized N’ware Technologies with the SAP North American Award for Partner Excellence for SAP Business One. The company was honored as part of the 2018 Regional Awards for Partner Excellence.

SAP 2018 Regional Award Winner – N’Ware Technologies

According to SAP, N’Ware Technologies’  industry focus is part of the reason the company has been able to serve its customers so effectively.

Dan Parent, CEO of N’ware Technologies said in a phone interview with Small Business Trends, “We only work with customers who we can actually help. If it’s not a great fit, we run away. We don’t want to do business with anyone who we can’t truly help. So we always make sure that the client is happy with everything before we escalate.”

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Head of SAP Business One Sales for North America Steve Tait said in an email to Small Business Trends, “Keeping the customer at the center of every decision, Dan Parent has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores across the Business One channel.”

In addition to the industry focus, SAP recognized N’ware Technologies for its company culture, which helps every team member remain engaged and provide great service to every client. Parent says the company takes great pride in hiring the right people and making sure every employee aligns with the company’s values. Parent also focuses on creating a family approach where all the team members work together and support one another, as well as the company’s clients.

This type of recognition has meant a lot to the entire N’ware Technologies team, according to Parent.

He says, “It’s really all about our team. Our values are very, very important to us. Integrity, respect, a family approach and resilience have all helped us create a great sense of teamwork and accountability. We have tremendous appreciation for our team. It’s not easy — our employees travel and are on the road away from their families, working long days. So for me as a business owner, it just makes me very proud of our people that they’re able to deliver such a level of satisfaction that SAP would recognize them for it.”

Each year, SAP recognizes its regional partners around the world in a variety of categories. The company looks at sales data, along with achievement and performance numbers like customer satisfaction.

Parent says the recognition is especially meaningful coming from a company like SAP, with such a wide ranging base of partners and high standards for all the companies that deliver its products.

He says, “We’re extremely happy to be alive with SAP. It’s the best ERP company in the world. So for us, it’s not just looking back on this last year and being proud of what we’ve accomplished. We’re also looking forward, and a very important part of that is our continuing relationship with SAP.”

Image: N’Ware Technologies


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  1. I guess it appeals to those who want an old school feel. But this is more of a niche market. Most would prefer the modern look.

  2. Congrats for winning. They have really targeted a certain portion of the target market and came up with a product that is just for them.