Zoho PageSense and Zoho Flow Help Optimize Your Business Site, Manage Cloud Apps

Zoho Flow and Zoho PageSense Both Built for Small Businesses

Two new business apps will let small businesses without big IT budgets or coding expertise create, analyze and customize their websites with new optimization tools as well as integrate apps in the cloud.

Zoho Flow and Zoho PageSense

Zoho recently announced Zoho PageSense and Zoho Flow. The new products are part of the Zoho One suite — a single suite of business apps which are designed to run an entire small enterprise.

Zoho PageSense Optimizes Websites

Zoho PageSense is website optimization software that places what would otherwise be several tools under one umbrella.

“Understanding how visitors are interacting with a website is the first step before tweaking it for optimal usage. Marketers are always looking at new ways to convert visitors to sales,” Zoho’s Chief Evangelist Raju Vegesna told Small Business Trends.  “This tool promises to help turn visitors into sales. It provides all the tools to analyze, experiment and optimize web pages with no technical expertise.”

Three-Stage Process

PageSense strives to boost sales with a three-stage process that starts by first analyzing the behavior of your website visitors.

After that, you experiment with your findings through AB testing before finally using the results to optimize your web pages so they appeal to prospects most likely to buy your goods and services.

Important Data

Zoho PageSense supplies the important data that makes it all possible. For example, it provides page drop off rates between a Homepage and a Features page or whatever combination of data you want to look at in your funnel.

The software gives you the stats to see the behaviors so you can experiment to see what works.

“PageSense also offers tools on the experiment and analysis side,” Vegesna says.

Fine Tune

One of the other interesting features on PageSense is called Heatmaps. It’s designed to highlight visitors’ interactions and how they navigate through your site. You can fine tune the data and look at visitors from a particular geography or even people using a particular search engine.

Zoho PageSense costs $23 monthly for the standard version, $103 for medium and $559 for the enterprise product.

Zoho Flow Connects Cloud Applications

Zoho Flow is another new addition to the Zoho platform. It’s an important feature for small businesses because it connects cloud applications without the need to code thereby streamlining the process.

Building the namesake flow is as easy as dragging applications from the left to the right. The automated app offers the ability to do things like send an alert for a new business ticket to a site like Slack where the right team will see it. There’s a free trial version of Zoho Flow, with a standard version costing $10 per month and the professional version bumping you up to $25 per month.

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