DeepSense Uses AI to Evaluate Your Next Hire

AI Hiring Software DeepSense Provides Emotional Intel on Potential New Hires

With so many variables at play when hiring a new employee, DeepSense has found a way to simplify parts of the process. Using artificial intelligence, it automates candidate evaluation by analyzing readily available data.

DeepSense is a solution created by Frrole. The company says using just the email address of your candidate, it can provide insights into your next hire. But the company uses more than emails.  With billions of people now using social media, DeepSense even taps the social web for its analysis.

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If you are a recruiter, small HR firm or a small business looking to introduce new levels of efficiency in the way you vet your talent, an AI-enabled solution could be an option. With machine learning, natural language processing and sentiment analysis as part of your toolset, you can speed up the hiring process.

In an interview on Inc., Co-Founder, and CEO of Frrole, Amarpreet Kalkat, told Wanda Thibodeaux, “Our analysis suggests that DeepSense can provide a 20-30% improvement in recruiter productivity while also lowering ‘overall time to hire’ by a non-trivial, measurable margin as well.”

Kalkat goes on to say, this is made possible by letting AI do part of the evaluation. This way it is able to weed out candidates that are wrong before HR departments and recruiters spend time engaging with them.

Capabilities of AI Hiring Software DeepSense

DeepSense goes beyond conventional skill matching without assessment tests and questionnaires to deliver behavior prediction, minus the manual process. The automated function can assess teamwork skills, need for autonomy, attitude and outlook, learning ability and orientation toward taking practical action.

Additional insights include psychographs with role fit and interests; social screening for substance abuse, religious fanaticism, sexual harassment, etc; and social profiles for social work influence, work history, social handles, etc.

According to the company, DeepSense is able to do this by collecting the public footprint of the candidate from more than 30 social media networks. It then ties the data into a single user using email ID, phone number or a social handle. The profile is created by combining research in sociolinguistics, psychology and behavioral science with AI, machine learning and natural language processing.

Image: Frrole


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  1. In hiring, where discrimination is illegal, turning over any part of the process to a black box AI is risky. If a rejected candidate sues you, how will you prove the AI didn’t discriminate?

  2. I am interested in how AI will change the way we do things. It is here and it is like an advanced computer that will change our lives again.

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