BarDog Launches New Mobile Liquor Inventory App for Restaurants and Pubs

BarDog Launches New Bar Inventory App for Restaurants and Pubs

One of the challenges of running a bar is conducting an inventory. This is because the inventory is fluid (pun intended) and very hard to keep track of if you are not on top of things. The new liquor inventory app from BarDog Technologies looks to simplify the process by matching the content of your shelf directly to the app, making it easier to track.

The BarDog app has a single user interface which lets you organize your inventory, count it, log purchases and view your gross margins. And you can do this no matter where you are, whether it is on your mobile device or desktop from remote locations.

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According to the American Nightlife Association and based on IBISWorld data, there are around 70,000 locations primarily engaged in the retail sale of alcoholic drinks — and this doesn’t include restaurants. The industry is dominated by small businesses owned and operated by families. More than three quarters or 77.6 percent employ nine people or less. So the BarDog app is going to help many small businesses eliminate a labor-intensive task. In fact, one app user said just that.

Pete Sittnick, Managing Partner for Waterbar & EPIC Steak, San Francisco, said on BarDog’s official website, “BarDog takes an outdated process and simplifies it. This means less time doing low-value work, and fewer errors.”

The Bardog Bar Inventory App at Work

BarDog lets you create a master catalog to organize all of your inventory while at the same time remembering what’s on the shelf, the order size, who you ordered from and more. It matches your shelf directory with the mobile app so you can make quick counts on the go alone or simultaneously with your staff.

BarDog Launches New Bar Inventory App for Restaurants and Pubs

The reporting mechanism has a dashboard with counts, total values, pour cost, spend by category and other data you can import to a spreadsheet or PDF.

It also integrates your vendors and distributors with a list containing payment terms, the name of sales representatives and contact information.

Pricing and Availability

BarDog is now available with three different pricing structures. The Pup, which starts at $35 per month provides unlimited inventories, master catalog, purchase and transfer log and more for three users.

The Dog goes up to $99 per month and includes all of the features of the Pup but includes unlimited users, staff training, user activity tracking and more. The pricing for the Pack is not available without contacting the company, but is structured for multi-location management along with region and location reports.

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  1. Interesting. It will be useful for those who want to see what is inside their inventory and to be able to track the number.

  2. The price is very attractive compared to others I’ve looked at. I will check it out. Thanks for sharing.

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