5 Best Anti-Malware Software Choices for Small Businesses

These are the Best Malware Software Choices for Small Businesses

Did you know 43 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses? As the hackers and cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated ways to attack, it is vital these small businesses have cyber security defense plans in place.  A small business’s online cyber security efforts should include utilizing anti-malware software to help protect their data from malware attacks. Installing anti-malware software protects business data and systems against infections caused by different types of malware.

Best Malware Software for Small Business

Fortunately, installing effective anti-malware software doesn’t need to be expensive, so it can be used to the advantage of small businesses lacking the large budgets to spend on cyber protection. Take a look at some of the best anti-malware software choices for small businesses.

Kaspersky Small Office Security

In 2015, Kaspersky Lab channeled its energies into offering online security solutions for small businesses with fewer than 25 employees. The system is designed for small businesses running 5 to 45 computers, some servers and mobile devices. The easy-to-use software is managed from one cloud-based console.

Kaspersky Small Office Security protects businesses from online attacks, ransomware and data loss. The system is supported on Windows desktops and laptops, Mac desktops and laptops, Windows-based file servers and Android smartphones and tablets.

Kaspersky Small Office Security costs $112.49 for a year for five users.

AVG File Server Business Edition

AVG provides a reliable and affordable anti-malware software solution for small businesses. As well as offering antivirus protections, AVG monitors a business’s downloads, deletes files securely, scans social media and website links, password protects and encrypts files, provides a top-quality firewall and stops spam.

Businesses can manage online security on the remove by using AVG’s remote admin tools. The AVG File Server Business Edition’s network virus scanner helps keep business data safe from malware and hackers. The anti-malware software for small businesses starts at around $30, excluding VAT.


Webroot has long recognized the threats malicious attacks pose to small businesses. Webroot’s cloud-based endpoint protection keeps users safe at all stages of a cyberattack. Webroot’s anti-malware software is easy to install and manage, doesn’t conflict with other software, and is fast, lightweight and powerfully effective.

Webroot enables small businesses to try their security software with a free trial before they buy. Webroot’s SecureAnywhere Antivirus software for PCs and Macs costs $29.99 per device for a year.

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition

Hailed as the “strong and silent type”, the BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition is powerful anti-malware software that’s easy to install and silently gets on with the job of keeping your devices safe. The effective anti-malware software is equipped with B-Have, which identifies any apps you may have installed behaving badly. The BitDefender Free Edition also scans links to identify cons and detects threats never been encountered before.

This award-winning protection against both existing and new e-threats can be downloaded for free.


Since the 1990s, Avast has been helping businesses stay protected from malware and cyber crime, by offering lightweight and intuitive protection. Avast blocks around 4,000 threats every day and protects 700,000 businesses around the world. The software offers a number of antivirus products for businesses, which cater for different sizes and budgets.

The least expensive option is Avast Business Antivirus, which includes antivirus, Behaviour Shield, Cybercapture, SmartScan, WiFi Inspector, Firewall, Web Shield, Email Shield, Anti-Spam and Sandbox. The Avast Business Antivirus software costs $39.99 a year for each device.

Using any of the above malware software would be an affordable and easy way to protect your small business against the growing threat of malware and the destruction cyber attacks can have on small businesses.

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