Have Remote Workers? See the Best 8 Remote Access Software Solutions for Your Small Business

7 of the Best Remote Access Software Solutions for Your Small Business

Remote access software can be an invaluable tool for teams that telecommute and work independently. Remote access software enables employees to share files, access each other’s devices and collaborate with ease from remote locations.

This type of software can also benefit IT support teams, helping them manage the devices and PCs of staff members remotely. Sales reps can also take advantage of remote access software to provide support and assistance to external customers.

Increasing advancements in technology and telecommunications translate to more and more businesses allowing employees to work remotely, thereby heightening demand for remote access software.

Remote access software is available in different configurations. Some are multiplatform compatible, others have reporting and session-management features. Certain software solutions include meeting and collaboration tools, while others provide remote customer support features.

From customer service support teams to app developers, marketing agencies to IT support teams, there are a whole host of businesses requiring this type of technology to conduct remote business at optimum efficiency.

Best Remote Access Software

If you are looking to invest in quality remote access software to help simplify collaboration and increase productivity within your remote team, take a look at the following seven best remote access software solutons for your small business.

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist offers an all-in-one solution for remote support including unattended desktop access and screen sharing. The company says its software provides a variety of features including Wake-on-LAN, File Transfer, Clipboard syncing, support for mobile devices and more. As far as integration, the software also support multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Zoho Assist has a free version available, but if you want more features, they have other plans that go up to $25 per user.


TeamViewer empowers secure remote desktop access and support. This powerful software connects people located around the world on a vast array of platforms and technologies, including older operating systems.

TeamViewer is available in 30 different languages and comes with 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentications, Verisign code signing and session passwords, for maximum security. The software connects without a virtual private network and can operate around firewalls.

TeamViewer business subscription costs approximately $45 a month.


LogMeIn is a multiplatform remote access and management system, which includes 1TB of file storage, LastPass password managers, multiple monitor support, SSL/TLS security and remote printing.

LogMeIn’s Pro version includes collaboration and access tools, whilst its Rescue version provides remote support through quick-connection technologies. LogMeIn’s Pro version, which enables you to access and manage computers remotely, is ideal for individuals, small businesses and IT professionals. The Pro version starts at $149 per year.


If you’re a small business on a tight budget, Join.Me offers an affordable remote meeting and collaboration solution.

Join.Me enables businesses to add additional users around the world in just a few clicks. The software integrates into all the productivity tools required for your business’s needs, including Office 365, Google Calendar and Outlook. From an easy-to-use admin console, you are able to designate who has control of what with JoinMe across your organization. You can also keep track of Join.Me usage and see how many meetings are being held and which features are most widely used.

Join.Me Lite, which provides easy online meetings with voice and screen-share capabilities, costs approximately $10.


GoToMyPC is remote desktop software, which provides remote access on your Mac or PC from anywhere. The software can be installed with ease and, once installed, you can easily transfer files between computers.

GoToMyPC provides multi-monitor support and you can even copy and paste between your connected computers.

GoToMyPC Pro is for small business needs that require admin access to multiple users. The software costs around $21 for two computers per month.

Chrome Remote Desktop

With Chrome Remote Desktop you can use a mobile device or PC to access apps and files on another computer across the internet. You can give remote team members access to your computer with Chrome Remote Desktop, so they will have complete access to your files, apps, emails, history and documents.

Chrome Remote Desktop can be used for free.

Splashtop Business Access

Splashtop provides fast, simple and secure remote computer access for teams spread about in remote locations. Some of the key features of Slashtop Business Access include file transfer, remote print, chat, access from any device, remote alarm clock, group view, robust security, user management, amongst other.

Costing just $5 a month per user, Splashtop offers an affordable remote access solution for small businesses on a budget.

VCN Connect

VCN Connect is screen sharing and remote access software that provides multi-platform support to businesses of different sizes and industries. Depending on which package you opt for, you can benefit from VCN Connect’s feature-rich systems, which includes file transfer, cloud connectivity, full session encryption, team management capabilities, dedicated support channel, and much more.

VCN Connect’s Professional package stars from $40 a year for one remote computer with discounts for volume and duration.

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  1. Thank you for this article! This is indeed some great remote access software. However, these are mostly remote desktop solutions – which may not always be the best solution for a company. Have you ever thought about looking into a digital workspace, like Office 365 or Workspace 365? Going online makes for a lot less hassle, and with Workspace 365 you could always integrate a remote desktop if you feel like you do need it for certain software. I personally use and like Join.Me, nice to see it on this list.

  2. Apart from the listed tools in this blog, small businesses can also consider EMM solutions. Solutions like SureMDM, offer a wide range of remote capabilities, be it remotely accessing and viewing the device screen, remotely installing apps or sharing files.

    And, the best thing is that they also offer a wide range of security and intuitive mobile management features. They could be particularly very useful for Start-Ups who are trying to adopt BYOD strategy or Small Businesses who are incorporating mobile devices for business use. Implementing EMM solution with current infrastructure is simple as it doesn’t require an extensive setup and covers a wide range of mobile platforms be it a basic Android tablet, iPad or even a Linux system.

  3. One of the best remote access software solution which you can add in the above list is: R-HUB remote support servers. It works from behind the firewall, hence better security.