BlueJeans Updates Meetings Platform, Can Your Small Business Team Benefit?

Updated Platform Provides BlueJeans Multi-Device Video Conferencing and More

BlueJeans has redesigned and updated its meeting platform with a new user experience to better serve the collaborative workforce of today — including your small business team.

The latest BlueJeans desktop app was developed and then tested with thousands of users to make sure it delivered with the new features. The company says it wants users to hold productive meetings from any device quickly and easily anytime, anywhere.

Businesses of all sizes — small businesses included —  now need collaboration and messaging tools with video, audio and web conferencing capabilities from any endpoint or device. The ability to effectively communicate on these platforms allows companies to use freelancers and remote workers to get things done.

The Chief Product Officer of BlueJeans, Mark Strassman, says in a press release, the new developments will place the focus of meetings where they belong, “On the people and ideas that propel business, collaboration and productivity.” Strassman added, “The new BlueJeans provides the most elegant and natural experience in the industry. Users are instantly productive and engaged while administrators have strong security, control and management capabilities for the enterprise.”

BlueJeans Multi-Device Video Conferencing

BlueJeans has partnered with Amazon, Dolby Laboratories, Facebook, Kaptivo, Polycom, Microsoft and Voicera to improve the digital work space. This has resulted in the creation of a unified experience across multiple endpoints in and outside of the office. So no matter where you are or on what device, you can continue to collaborate.

Here are some of the leading integrations:

You can now use Alexa for dialing into meetings and Amazon Echo devices as a speakerphone. And if you are in the office, Kaptivo’s integration will transform any dry-erase board into a real-time collaboration tool to capture images and live stream content.

Voicera’s virtual assistant Eva uses artificial intelligence to join in meetings and provide highlights, full transcript and recordings. You can then share the content with Slack, Salesforce or email.

BlueJeans has also simplified access with one-touch meetings and collaborations using messaging tools like Slack, Atlassian’s HipChat and Skype. Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 scheduling are also part of the tool set available to initiate, share and broadcast events.

Last but not least is security. The enterprise-grade security has been strengthened with intelligence that includes alerts and more than 70 performance metrics. The company says it has successfully completed its fifth consecutive round of SOC 2 audits, SOC 3 report, and it will meet the compliance of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ahead of the mandated May 25, 2018 deadline.

You can try the new BlueJeans experience here.

Image: BlueJeans


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