Apply These 4 Steps to Improve Digital Marketing Optimization (INFOGRAPHIC)

Digital Marketing Optimization: Time to Freshen Up Your Small Business Digital Marketing (INFOGRAPHIC)

For your digital marketing efforts to produce desired results, you need a strategy. And to stay relevant, you need to revisit that strategy from time to time.

Four Digital Marketing Optimization Steps Every Brand Should Take Now

According to Florida-based advertising and marketing company, MDG Advertising, there are four things every brand should do now to optimize their digital initiatives.

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Revisit Which Social Networks You’re Engaging On

The social media landscape is changing constantly, making it essential for marketers to evaluate the platforms and their popularity among users.

It’s even more important to be sure the platforms are popular among your target audience. For example if you’re targeting a young demographic, focusing on visual platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram is a great idea.

Clean Up Your Data and Secure it Properly

Data is the key factor determining the success of your digital marketing initiatives. But as many marketers focus on quantitative data, it becomes a challenge for them to leverage those numbers.

On top of that, hacks and cyberattacks pose a big threat to data protection.

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Taking a close look at the quality of your data and how it’s being handled can help you improve performance and address consumer concerns.

Make Mobile Load Speed a Top Priority

On platforms like mobile, digital marketers should ensure their pages are loaded within seconds. For this, you may consider downsizing pages.

Go All In On Marketing Attribution

Assigning a proper value to each channel or touchpoint contributes significantly to marketing success. It enables a better understanding of online and offline interactions, facilitates better budget allocation and provides key insights. Yet, not many marketers are making the most of attribution.

As a digital marketer, you should invest in executing marketing attribution to reap great results.

To learn more about areas where you should prioritize this year, check out the infographic below:

Digital Marketing Optimization: Time to Freshen Up Your Small Business Digital Marketing (INFOGRAPHIC)

Image: MDG Advertising

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  1. If you have not yet optimized your website for the search engines, you are clearly missing out. It is important that your website is not only viewable. It should also answer some of your customers most basic questions.