There Are 168 Million Active Buyers on eBay Right Now (INFOGRAPHIC)

eBay Statistics: There Are 168 Million Active Buyers on eBay Right Now (INFOGRAPHIC)

In 2017, 6.7 million sellers on eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) sold products in 190 markets around the world, and for small businesses, the platform has become a great source of revenue. If you don’t know about eBay, a new infographic appropriately titled, “All You Need to Know About eBay” by looks to bring you up to speed.

For more than two decades, eBay has been the most visible online auction platform for selling new, used and unusual products. Today, 81 percent of the items being sold are brand new, and businesses make up the bulk of the transactions taking place on the platform.

And these businesses are, for the most part, small companies looking to expand their ecommerce operations beyond their website or other channels. The data on the 16best infographic includes valuable information on key metrics about how eBay operates.

What You Need to Know About eBay From the Seller’s Point of View

There are 25 million sellers with over 1.1 billion live listings. This number is not set in stone as it is always changing. These sellers are looking to get the attention of 168 million active buyers who spend an average of 6 minutes, 10 seconds on the site.

So What is Being Sold and Who is Buying It?

Looking at what is being sold, you can determine how your small business will fare on eBay. According to the infographic, 432,000 collectible items are sold every single day. And increasingly mobile is the device of choice to carry out the transactions. The daily tally of items sold via mobile in the US includes 360 cars, 12,343 pairs of ladies shoes, 8,640 ladies handbags and 2,160 tablets.

The eBay demographic is made up of 57 percent males and 47 percent females, and of these 35-49-year-olds make up the largest group at 32 percent. The next largest segment is 50-64-year-olds at 29 percent, followed by 25-34-year-olds at 18 percent, 18-24-year-olds at 14 percent, and seniors 65 and older at seven percent.


What eBay offers small businesses is a popular platform with great opportunities for increasing ecommerce revenue. Everything from a $168 million yacht to William Shatner’s kidney stone has been sold on the platform. So it is fair to say you can find your niche by providing great customer service and offering your customers quality products. (Though maybe stay away from kidney stones!)

More eBay Statistics

You can take a look at more interesting information about eBay in the infographic below.

eBay Statistics: There Are 168 Million Active Buyers on eBay Right Now (INFOGRAPHIC)



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