Google Hire Now Lets You Make Employment Decisions Right in Gmail

Google Hire Gmail Add-On Now Lets You Make Employment Decisions Right in Gmail

Last year Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) entered the recruiting space with Google Hire, an Applicant Tracking System software for small businesses, and now it has improved the service with the addition of a Gmail add-on.

What does this mean for recruiters? You can now interact with potential candidates within Gmail and not have to switch between applications.  This includes direct communications and moving the candidate along through the different vetting stages of the hiring process.

Google initially developed Hire for SMBs so the platform comes integrated with Google’s ecosystem including GSuite. This gave small companies valuable tools to streamline their hiring process and make them much more effective to quickly hire the right person. According to Google, the coompany will save hiring teams time by getting rid of the back-and-forth between Gmail, Calendar, Docs and a recruiting system.

What Can You Do With The Google Hire Gmail Add-on?

Once it has been added to your Gmail account, you can now add candidates to hire without leaving your inbox. When you receive an email, all you do is click on the add-on and you will get more info about the status of the applicant.

For new candidates, Google will parse some of their information including name and email address. And you can then add them for the job they are applying for and set their status. If you want to upload their resume, you can also do it while still in Gmail as an attachment or another document.

If you have filled in all of the required data and are ready to save it, the add-on will create a new profile and also save it in Hire. After it has been saved, you can communicate via email with ready-made templates, change the status as the candidate moves along, and edit his or her information.

All of the changes you make in Gmail also take place in Hire, so you and your team can always take a look at it there. A complete view of the interactions with the candidate will be recorded so everyone is on the same page regarding status.

How Do You Get It?

Go to add-on in Gmail and select the Hire add-on to install it, or you can click here.

Image: Google

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