52% of Small Businesses Post on Social Media Daily

How Small Businesses Use Social Media in 2018 survey from Clutch revealed that 52% of small businesses post on social media every day

The latest Clutch survey says 52 percent of small businesses post on social media every day, and women-owned businesses are more likely to use it more than men.

How Small Businesses Use Social Media in 2018

Seventy-one percent said they use social media, with 16 percent that are not currently using it but plan on doing so, and 13 percent said they don’t use it all.

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In addressing this very point, Herhold quotes Jeff Gibbard, chief social strategist at digital agency I’m From the Future. He said, “I’m surprised 100% of companies aren’t on social media. It’s 2018. Social media is a necessity. All companies should have at least somewhat of a social media strategy.”

When using social media, Facebook is the channel of choice for 86 percent followed by 48 percent Instagram, 46 percent YouTube, and Twitter at 44 percent.

How Small Businesses Use Social Media in 2018 survey from Clutch revealed that 52% of small businesses post on social media every day

As to gender, women are more likely to use social media. They are 74 percent more likely to post on social networks than men at 66 percent. Gibbard told Herhold, “Women are generally better conversationalists than men. They tend to be more expressive and more emotive. It’s no surprise to me why more women business owners use social media.”

Not surprisingly, millennial-owned businesses are more likely to use social media than other age groups. Seventy-nine percent indicated as much, and for those over 35 years of age, it came in at 65 percent.

In term of usage 52 percent of small businesses post to social media at least once per day, 79 percent weekly, 94 percent monthly, and six percent less than monthly. When they do post, 54 percent use images/infographics, 52 percent offers/promotions, 49 percent reviews, 44 percent videos, 40 blog posts, and 33 percent research data.

Social media allows small businesses to reach a wider audience, and if properly used it can deliver great ROIs for your marketing efforts.

More About the Social Media Survey

Kristen Herhold, Content Developer, and Marketer at Clutch, who wrote the report, says ideally social media use by small businesses should be at 100 percent. And considering the many benefits social media offers small companies, she is spot on.

Because small businesses now compete in the physical and digital world, social media is a great tool for bringing both worlds together. Whether you are promoting new products and services on your ecommerce site or having an in-store promotion, with social media you can engage your customers to take part in one or both events.

Herhold adds, “Whether a company is women-, men-, millennial-, or baby-boomer-owned, all businesses can benefit from social media.”

The survey, titled, “How Small Businesses Use Social Media in 2018” was carried out with the participation of 351 small business owners and managers across the US with fewer than 500 employees. The participants were made of up 54 percent male and 46 female in different age groups, with those 18-34 and 35-54 making up equal parts at 40 percent. The remaining 19 percent were 55 and older.

The survey analyzes the platforms, frequency, and the type of content small businesses use and share with social media. Clutch wants small businesses owners to use the data to better plan their social media strategy.

You can take a look at the full survey here.

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  1. Good to see SMBs going to where their customers are. With people spending so much time on social media it’s a great place to reach out and engage current and potential customers.

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