The New PicMonkey Focuses on Selling to Small Business Brands

New PicMonkey App Aimed at Growing a Small Business Brand

PicMonkey has announced a new visual communication platform looking to address the space between Adobe and Canva.

The missing middle is an addressable emerging market worth $5 billion potentially serving both personal and professional customers including individuals, small to medium businesses and social media teams. With visuals an integral part of almost all digital presence, PicMonkey has built the new platform in WebGL with a new interface and design tools to simplify image editing.

The new version was developed as PicMonkey continues to experience growth celebrating 450,000 paid subscribers and a record 3.4 billion images created on its platform.

For many small businesses, image editing is performed in-house. Depending on their proficiency and need, these businesses may rely on one or more tools including the Adobe suite of applications, Canva or similar applications. However, PicMonkey sees a need for a powerful, flexible and easy to use tool to address the market.

In a press release, Frits Habermann, CEO of PicMonkey, said today’s entrepreneurs reach their customers through emerging visual platforms. Habermann went on to explain, “With New PicMonkey, we’ve combined the power of photo editing and design layout with our recognized ease of use to help our customers create striking visuals.”

New PicMonkey App

Currently in Beta, the new PicMonkey has been designed to integrate with professional tools while avoiding some if their additional complexity.

Small Business Deals

Some of the features highlighted on the official PicMonkey blog include being able to apply effects, adjustments and textures to anything you’re working on. This includes everything from the canvas to graphics, text and images. You can also mask an image with a graphic while adding different effects and colors.

When you are ready to post the image, you can resize it without distorting the object in the design. This includes the text, which gets adjusted automatically to the changes you make.

You can take the new PicMonkey Beta for a spin, here. It will be available for wider release on May 15 with the premium subscription going for $5.99 per month when paid for the whole year.

Image: PicMonkey

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  1. Picmonkey is quite popular especially to Youtubers. I guess the new focus on small business is the right path for them.

  2. I like using Picmonkey. It is more user friendly than graphic-heavy apps.

  3. I agree. This is the reason why people without a graphic design background prefer it over other softwares. Plus, it is online based so no need to download anything.

  4. I haven’t heard about picmonkey. But I will definitely give it a try. Thanks for sharing the update.