POLL: What Social Media Platform Do You Find Most Effective for Marketing?

POLL: What Social Media Platform Do You Find Most Effective for Marketing?

There’s been a lot of news this week about the transparency of Facebook and what it’s doing with the data it collects.

The news may or may not impact your impression of the site. If it’s not been much of a benefit to your small business, you may see it as one more reason to stay away. However, if Facebook has been a boon to your company and brand’s reputation, you may be worried about the less-than-positive headlines — or not.

Of course, this isn’t the only social media site on the planet right now. There are dozens, really, though only a few more than a handful get a lot of attention.

In this week’s poll question for our small business readers, we want to know what social media site has been best for marketing your company, brand, services or products.

Maybe it is Facebook. That wouldn’t be a surprise, after all. Despite the negative rap it’s getting right now (and a never-ending stream of criticism, in general), there’s no denying it’s a great site for a lot of small businesses.

Still, for some it’s not so effective. They prefer other sites like LinkedIn or Twitter or YouTube or even upstart Gab.

Let us know by answering this week’s poll question what social media site is best for marketing your small business. Share some stories about why it is in the Comments section below.

What Social Media Platform Do You Find Most Effective for Marketing?

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  1. Hi Joshua,

    The most effective social media site for me has been Twitter and LinkedIn. Actually i should be choosing one social media platform, but I’m picking LinkedIn and Twitter because these two platforms account for almost all leads.

    Between them I can’t say either is better because they’re like on a parallel pace.

  2. I find that Instagram is quite effective in marketing products for they seem to be more personal than Facebook. Plus, it is now getting harder to get people to view your posts on Facebook.

  3. Hi Joshua,

    Personally, I think Facebook and Twitter is the best platform to market. Although that may change for different person and industries

    I am currently focussing on Twitter right now, slowly picking up pace on Google+ too

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