Salesfloor Launches Platform for Small Independent Retail Stores

New Salesfloor App for Small Retail Businesses

Salesfloor has launched a new version of its app for small and medium-sized retailers to connect store associates and customers. The app brings them together using email, social media, messaging apps, text messaging and online Storefronts.

Salesfloor App for Small Retail Businesses

This type of direct access has, according to the company, resulted in increasing retailers’ online sales conversion rates by up to 10 times, increasing average order value size by 50 percent, and lowering return rates by 40 percent.

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The Salesfloor app was only available for large national retailers until the company decided to try the solution with small businesses in late 2017. High demand led Salesfloor to launch an app specifically designed for small businesses in 2018. Being able to engage with customers in one app once they leave the store allows businesses to make personalized offers and respond to requests instantly.

Oscar Sachs, CEO and co-founder of Salesfloor, said in the press release, “Now companies of all sizes can empower their associates to serve customers online and in-store. This announcement is an important milestone for Salesfloor and for the future of small and medium-sized retailers in North America.”

Seamless Integration With Your Store

When a customer walks into your store, the Salesfloor apps let your associates and customers collaborate to get the right product, whether it is in the store or on your eCommerce platform.

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Associates can further personalize this interaction by creating a customized version of your eCommerce site with items their clients might be interested in. The associate can continue to engage the customer with advice, live shopping services, new offers and more.

The customer can get in touch with your associates using the live service across any channel; including email, text messaging, social media and the latest messaging apps.

Creating Opportunities

Independent retailers are no longer just competing with businesses down the street or across town. Every business with an eCommerce site is potentially your competition, not to mention the giant online retailers.

By communicating directly with your customers and making connections, your business can differentiate itself through personalize services. Your associates can market directly to shoppers when there are new arrivals, sales or restocked merchandise.

Empowering your associates with the Salesfloor app improves the customer experience, increases loyalty and creates a long-term relationship.

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