SALESmanago Offers Entrepreneurs One of Its Marketing Tools for Free

SALESmanago Offers Entrepreneurs a Free Marketing Automation Tool

SALESmanago is giving a single marketing automation tool free to young entrepreneurs and startups in all industries.

The offer from SALESmanago is invaluable for individuals and companies just starting their entrepreneurial journey. And with digital presence now a key component for business success, using digital channels for your marketing is critical. Still, mastering the complexities of this new marketing approach may require effort startups can ill afford. For this reason, it seems likely the free marketing tools from SALESmanago will be more than welcomed.

Digital marketing is complicated, and for many small businesses marketing automation software is the best way to address the issue. This is because it takes more than just sending emails or creating a social media page to reach your audience, engage with them, and retain them for the long run. The offer from SALESmanago introduces businesses to the benefits of using such solutions.

Greg Blazewicz, CEO and Founder at SALESmanago, claims helping entrepreneurs is the main objective. In a press release, Blazewicz explains, “We understand that launching a new business is a risky and costly exercise. Also, a lot of companies at the very beginning does not need to have fully fledged marketing solutions but all they want is a single tool to solve specific marketing issue but still with the potential to grow their marketing ecosystem. The offer we made is directed to such companies.”

Free Marketing Automation Tool

SALESmanago is only providing a single automation marketing tool. But this tool includes Live Chat, Web Push, Pop-up, CRM and Contact Management features. If you want to add more services, you will have to switch to the SALESmanago Basic plan.

SALESmanago is a company providing marketing automation solutions to more than 10,000 companies, including some of the leading brands in the world across all industries. Everyone from KFC to New Balance, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and others uses the marketing automation technology.

You can try SALESmanago’s Marketing Automation Pro free for 30 days here.

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