Spotlight: Essences of Jamal Builds Ecommerce Brand for Organic Body Care Products

Street Vendor to Ecommerce: One Entrepreneur's Journey

Jamal Graham didn’t originally set out to start a successful ecommerce shop selling his natural and organic beauty and body care products, along with essential oils and incense. He actually started out as a street vendor in Washington, D.C. Eventually, he moved onto selling products via mail order, retail, trade shows and the business’s own website, Essences of

Learn more about the business’s origins and what makes the products stand apart in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

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What the Business Does

Sells natural and organic body care products.

Graham says, “Essences of has created over twenty various products, primary new jamals original black cumin seed butter, a organic total body moisturizer and skin healer made from the black cumin seeds.”

Business Niche

Offering superior quality products.

Graham believes that the quality ingredients like black cumin seeds have led to superior quality that keeps customers coming back over and over again.

Small Business Deals

Street Vendor to Ecommerce: One Entrepreneur's Journey

How the Business Got Started

After going into business as a street vendor.

Graham says, “Started after up and down struggles as a street vendor, enjoying some success and many failures. But never giving up.”

Biggest Win

Having repeating customers continue coming back.

Biggest Risk

Going into biz without classes or proper preparation.

Graham says that in the early days, this lack of preparation potentially led to, “losing potential sales, marketing opportunity, and more. It’s still a struggle.”

Lesson Learned

Proper preparation is essential.

Graham says that if he could do it all over again, he would spend more time studying before starting his business. And he would also be quicker to ask for help when needed.

Street Vendor to Ecommerce: One Entrepreneur's Journey

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

In many different areas.

Graham says he would split up the funds to various areas of his business, including marketing and stabilizing business accounts. The goal would be to enhance all areas of the business to ensure everything runs as intended.

Favorite Quote

“Never give up.” -Sugar Ray Leonard

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  1. There has been much interest in organic and vegan products. I think that its market will continue to grow in the years to come.

    • Jamal-emanuel Graham

      Yes it will as a more intelligent, and educated public search for real answers,/, the premier online and phone order business in the DMV, area and world.