Dittach Manages Your Gmail Business Attachments

Dittach Finds, Manages, and Lets You View All Gmail Attachments

Have you ever searched for an attachment in an email, and spent more time than you would like to admit looking for it? Dittach has created a Chrome extension for finding and managing the attachments in Gmail that is as easy as a Google search.

View All Gmail Attachments with Dittach

The extension, which is currently in beta, lets you quickly and easily locate, list, filter, search and manage Gmail attachments. But the creators have added yet another feature which lets you delete attachments without touching or deleting the content of the original email.

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When you receive an email, it can have a document, PDF, PowerPoint, audio, image, GIF, or video file attached to it. As you get more attachments and the files get bigger, such as with  HD images, you will quickly lose track of them and run out of space. If you are reaching the limits of your 15GB storage on Gmail, or you just want to find the attachments without going through hundreds or thousands of emails, Dittach is a great option.

The company says users waste more than three hours each week looking for files. Imagine being able to find what you are looking for right away.

The Features

Dittach is the brainchild of developer Dan Gelertner and CTO Adam Stern, and they make the tools available on Gmail to easily search for your attachments.

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Once you download the extension, you can search or browse all of the attachments you have sent or received using a sidebar. The sidebar can be adjusted to three different widths to display the attachments. It displays thumbnails of all your attachments starting with the most recent file.

When you are ready to search, you can use the file filter to search for specific file types — such as PDFs, photos, etc. If you want to get more granular in your search, use the address bar in Gmail to find file types, email addresses, keywords or a particular word in a document, such as a PDF or PowerPoint.

Dittach Finds, Manages, and Lets You View All Gmail Attachments


By now you are probably asking how the app gets all of this access, and the answer is you have to give it permission. And this is full access, which means all of the emails in your account because it stores an index of your attachments for quick access.

If you are meticulous and you remember where all of the attachment in your emails are, you might not need Dittach. But for the rest of us, the functionality this app offers is fantastic. And best of all it is free, and the creators said there will always be a free version. However, they told ZDNet a Pro edition with more integration support is in the works.

Images: Dittach

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