Wix Now Has a Logo Maker for Small Businesses

Introducing the Wix Logo Maker for Businesses

The new Wix (NASDAQ: WIX) Logo Maker gives small businesses the ability to create a free logo to boost their marketing efforts.

Thousands of small businesses rely on Wix and its DIY website building platform to create their site.

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With the Wix Logo Maker, you will be able to create a logo designed by you to fit your brand and customizable to be displayed across different platforms. Wix says it has put together all the tools you need to design your own logo, along with a guide to help you choose the right colors, fonts and best practices.

Small businesses and startups just beginning their entrepreneurial journey should take as much consideration in the creation of their logo as large enterprises. Corporations spend considerable resources in creating the right logo because it passively communicates with potential customers wherever it is displayed.

If you create a logo that captures the attention of your potential customers, they will want to know the company behind it.

The Wix Logo Maker

Just like a designer, the Wix Logo Maker starts by asking you relevant questions about your business, industry and adjectives describing the overall feel you want your logo to communicate.

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“Based on your answers, the powerful algorithm will then automatically generate a selection of variations of what your future logo might look like. Simply pick your favorite and get ready to customize,” writes Wix Community and Social Media Manager Taira Sabo on the official company blog.

You will be able to customize the fonts, icons, and colors as well as making the necessary adjustments for the platform or platforms where the log is to be displayed. This includes your website and social media channels for digital formats, and business cards or banners in the physical world.

If you are going to create your own logo, Sabo recommends you make it simple, versatile, timeless and appropriate.

The Logo Maker is now available for free with a Wix account.

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