New Study Shows How Small In-Home Service Providers Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Service Technician Study

In-home service providers, especially those providing telecom installation, need to give customers a better timetable about when they plan to visit and then be sure to show up on time. Those are just some of the findings of a study focusing on customer perceptions of the industry.

The first J.D. Power U.S. Telecom In-Home Service Technician Study was recently released, and it reinforces how most customers already feel about on-site service technician visits. The survey provides some valuable insights into what an in-home service business should — and should not — do.

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In the study, J.D. Power evaluated the perceptions customers have of onsite technician when they come to provide a service. The services included installation and post-install service of residential wireline products such as high-speed data, phone, and TV.

For small businesses providing in-home services, the data this study has revealed can be used to establish policies and implement measures to deliver uniform and consistent service. This will ensure expectations are met in getting the job done while delivering great customer service.

In a press release, Peter Cunningham, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Practice Lead at J.D. Power said companies should try to be more precise in hitting the target time for providing the service. He goes on to say this will result in higher levels of customer satisfaction because “Those that are getting it right have developed strong skill sets in both managing customer expectations and delivering on them.”

The inaugural J.D. Power In-Home Service Technician Study was carried out from December 2017 to January 2018 in the US. A total of 3,744 responses were collected from eligible participants who had an in-home telecom service technician visit in the past six months.

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Key Findings from the In-Home Service Technician Study

In the study, customers preferred shorter service windows, with timetables of one hour or less getting the highest satisfaction rate.

When it comes to showing up, it is not surprising those that came on time received the highest score. The scores went down when providers showed up early, and even lower when they were late. The survey revealed five percent of technicians arrived early and seven percent were late. Of those who were late, 20 percent were two days late.

Additional data includes the need to get the job done right the first time, as customers said they would definitely or probably switch provider because of this.

Takeaway For Small In-Home Service Businesses

The study examined three main criteria to determine how the technicians performed. They were scheduling and appointment timing, on-site experience, and communications.

By simply giving customers a better timetable, showing up on time, and providing the service as promised you can quickly differentiate yourself from your competition.

As the In-Home Service Technician Study points out, the key is to communicate what you can deliver, and when you are not able to make the appointment, inform the customer as soon as possible. Letting customers know you appreciate the value of their time goes a long way to keeping your customers for the long term.


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  1. I think it is about focusing on the customer and trying to go another mile in providing your service. This is the best way to improve your services.