Take Advantage of these 20 Slack Apps for Small Business Collaboration

The 20 Best Slack Apps for Small Business

There are many benefits of using Slack for small businesses. From enhancing team communication, to sharing files with team members, this cloud-based collaboration service brings a wealth of opportunity for small businesses.

To really make the most out of Slack, your business should be aware to the many apps and add-ons available for Slack to ensure your teams stay coordinated, happy and able to work faster.

Best Slack Apps

Here are 20 of the best Slack apps for small business.


Meetings can be a headache to schedule. By matching team members’ calendars, Meekan quickly finds common free times, speeding up and simplifying the often arduous and time-consuming task of arranging meetings.


The project management app Kyber enables small businesses to make the most out of Slack by managing projects, assigning tasks, organizing meetings, adding to-dos to lists, and more, all without leaving Slack.


How well do you know your colleagues and employees? Knowing co-workers well can be an effective way to boost communication and collaboration within your business. The Donut app is designed to build important relationships between teams by matching members with a new coffee buddy each week!

Lunch Train

Who’s in charge of planning lunch outings at your business? This often-time-consuming task can be quickened up with the help of the Lunch Train app. With one simple Slack message, lunch outings can be planned in an instant!

Google Drive

If your small business stores and shares files on Google Drive, you can simplify and quicken-up the process by sharing Google Drive files with team mates in Slack. Simply paste a shareable link into a conversation on Slack and it will import the files in Slack.

Google+ Hangouts

Bring your Slack conversations alive for greater team creativity and collaboration by starting a Google+ Hangout with team members in your Slack channels. This ‘must have’ Slack integration tool is an effective way for taking a conversation face-to-face on a video conference call.


The Tettra app is a wiki designed to help teams organize and share collective knowledge. Tettra is built for helping teams share information that requires a higher quality, deeper write up. By sharing and receiving in-depth information, the Tettra app will allow you team to make better informed decisions on a daily basis.


Employee happiness and wellbeing has long been linked to better staff retention and a more productive, loyal workforce. The GoodRipple app allows you to send positive messages and vibes around your workplace via Slack helping your small business reap the benefits of a more positive working environment.


Don’t let new team members struggle on their own without knowing anyone. Use the Icebreakers app for Slack to introduce team members and get them collaborating closely with your team from day one.

Yodel Phone System

With the Yodel Phone System app, your business can answer phone calls directly from Slack and speak through either the web browser or a landline telephone. The Yodel app can even greet callers with a recording or music, heightening the professionality of your business.


Missing important messages sent in Slack from teams and clients can cost a small business dearly. Make sure you and your team never miss important messages again by building controllable must-read lists with the Must-Read app.

I Done This

With the I Done This app, teammates can share progress reports and updates within Slack with ease and efficiency, meaning no-one is kept waiting for a progress report again.


The popular video calling app Skye is available for Slack users. With the Skype app for Slack you can create a specific channel for Skype calls. Multiple participants can join in the Skype calls, providing your business with a convenient and cost-effective way to communicate.


Bring some fun into Slack communications with your team and lighten things up with the Giphy app. With this fun app, simply type in the slash command and a phrase, such as ‘What is happening?’ The app will then create a random GIF based on the phrase and post the GIF with the command.


If you regularly send screenshots with teammates on Slack, why not simplify and speed-up the process with Marker? The useful Marker app, you can send annotated screenshots directly to Slack. The app also automatically attaches the URL of the page to the screenshot.

Simple Poll

The easy-to-use Simple Poll app allows you to create a poll, circulate it via a bot for team members to respond and then analyze the answers to see which question got the most votes.


Intro is a private professional network for your team. The Intro app allows you to pool your Slack team’s connections into a single network. By installing this app, you will be able to set up a private professional network for your Slack team.

Monkey Test It

Monkey Test It is a fabulous Slack app for small businesses, which tests your website for common bugs. Once the app is installed, it will trigger automated monkey tests of your website straight from Slack.


If you use DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn’t track your activity and prioritizes privacy, then Rubberduck is a Slack app for you. The Rubberduck app allows you to carry out web searches without compromising the privacy and data of your business.


It’s vital for small businesses to have correct and comprehensive customer metrics to help them build their business. The Baremetrics app enables your team to keep up-to-date on customer metrics, such as when they became a customers, which upgrades or cancellations they have made.

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