Best 15 Slack Bots for Small Business Users

15 Best Slack Bots for Small Business Users

On the popular cloud-based team collaboration service Slack, bots are available in many guises. Acting like hardworking virtual assistants, Slack bots can answer your questions and help you and your team get things done faster.

Once you are up and running with Slack you can install Slack bots onto your PC or mobile device and start reaping the benefits of these ultra-reliable virtual assistants.

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Best Slack Bots

If you run a small business and are unsure which Slack bots would work best for you, check out the following 15 best Slack bots for small business users.


WorkBot for Slack allows you to generate workflow connecting various apps and chat inputs together. No coding is required for this intelligent workflow bot, which can be connected to more than 200 apps.


Your busy team shares large amounts of links to Slack week-in-week-out. The incredible PaperBot organizes the links shared on your Slack channels so you and your team can view them at anytime and from anywhere via iOS, Android or a web interface.


By becoming your new intelligent email and calendar assistant, which connects email and Slack, AstroBot can help your small business run more smoothly and efficiently. Let this intelligent email and calendar assistant manage your inbox for you.

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Hubot is a chat bot for your business. Using simple scripts written in CoffeeScript, Hubot is easy to program, enabling Hubot to connect and interact with your Slack workspace.


PixiBot is a great Slack bot that enables teams to organize and tag pictures shared on Slack. This useful bot extracts text from the images uploaded to Slack and adds it as a file comment.


Keeping teams synced is a vital part of running a business and when you operate remotely, syncing teams can be challenging. GeekBot takes the challenge out of syncing meetings by organizing asynchronous stand-up meetings in Slack and keeping teams synced.


Forgetting employees’ birthday doesn’t do staff morale any favors, and a dejected workforce can lead to high employee turnover rates, which isn’t conducive with running a thriving business. Remembering and acknowledging staff birthdays can go a long way in boosting morale and creating a happy, loyal workforce. BirthdayBot collects a list of everyone’s birthdays on the team and keeps everybody informed about forthcoming birthdays so each teammate gets a proper birthday celebration.


Without the budget to spend on Human Resources departments, managing HR tasks can be difficult for many small businesses. By responding to time-off requests, holidays and sick leave, the TimeBot app for Slack can be a godsend for many small businesses.


Tomatobot helps give small businesses a productivity boost by timing short, distraction-free tasks. The app records any reminders that may distract you and your team, so you can forget about them until the next break.


Using analytics tools such as Google Analytics is a great way for small businesses to track their website and marketing campaign performance. The Statsbot app is a great Slack add-on as it integrates with tools such as Google Analytics. Whenever you require an update about your metrics, all you have to do is ask Statsbot, which will provide you with the information you require in an instant.


Similar to GoodRipple, Flexbot inspires a more positive, contented team of workers by encouraging healthy habits automatically. The app reminds team members to improve their posture and drink a healthy amount of water throughout the day.


By tracking tasks and activity progress within your team, the BusyBot team task manager is a great way to make it easier to assign work to your team in Slack chat.


If your small business relies on receiving the latest and greatest content, Diggbot is a great way to discover fresh content such as video and news. Each day Digg aggregates 10 million RSS feeds and collects 200 million tweets. The Diggbot app sieves through the data and brings you relevant stories and videos within Slack.


GrowthBot helps small businesses with marketing and sales people be more productive by providing them with answers, as well as managing data and informing them of important notifications.


Tracking attendance and managing leave isn’t an easy feat for many time and cash-strapped small businesses. AttendanceBot takes much of the stress out of attendance and time management for tracking and managing it all for you!

Save your small business time, money and effort and give productivity levels a boost in the process by taking advantage of Slack’s incredibly useful bots!

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  1. Interesting. I think that bots will be the next generation of automation. I am interested on where it can go. I just wish that they lift the ban on chatbots on Facebook.