Corporate Superpower Turns Workplace Culture into a Competitive Advantage


Tired of not seeing the connection between workplace culture and profits? Written by a 25-year experienced international management consultant, “Corporate Superpower: Cultivating a Winning Culture for Your Business” is the book for you. This book breaks down “workplace culture” into a simple framework that helps you understand how the pieces of your business’ workplace culture fit into your goal of being a competitive brand and powerful workforce.

Corporate Superpower

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If “culture eats strategy for breakfast” as the Peter Drucker quote suggests, what’s on the menu? Workplace culture has gained widespread business attention, but definitive answers are elusive. What is a good “workplace culture”? Is “workplace culture” the latest HR fad or is it something that every business needs to worry about?

Corporate Superpower: Cultivating a Winning Culture for Your Business is a book that clears the confusion around workplace culture to help businesses learn how to leverage it for competitive success.

What is Corporate Superpower About?

Long gone are the days where the only thing a business needed to offer is good benefits. Today’s worker is also looking for a job with a good workplace culture. With websites like Glassdoor, it’s easier for employees to quickly share aspects of their work culture with the world. This means businesses must now consider customer and employee reviews when marketing their brand.

The problem is, as Oleg Konovalov points out, few businesses understand workplace culture. An even smaller number of businesses know how to leverage workplace culture into a powerful and competitive asset.

That’s why Konovalov tackled the vague concept in his book, Corporate Superpower. In the book, he admits “workplace culture” is a complex topic:

“Culture is intangible, but valuable and critical in terms of the company’s existence and success. Yet,it…is not simply something to manage.” (p. 61)

In other words, you can’t put “workplace culture” on a to-do list and then forget it. Workplace culture must be proactively shaped.

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To help business owners understand workplace culture, Konovalov breaks it down into a 3-layered concept with pragmatic, psychological, and transcendent levels. By analyzing workplace culture this way, businesses learn how it works and how to build a better workplace.

That better workplace has what Konovalov calls a strong workplace culture. Strong workplace cultures are professional, excellent at communication and adaptable. They fully leverage their limited resources (time, people, technology) to become a powerfully competitive brand backed by a fully engaged team.

Konovalov is a management consultant, Forbes contributor, author and speaker with over 25 years of experience in assisting businesses with complex business problems. In addition to helping leaders run their businesses, Konovalov runs his own businesses in the UK, Russia and Scandinavia.

What Was Best About Corporate Superpower

Corporate Superpower brings Konovalov’s deep insights as a management consultant into the complicated world of workplace culture. Unlike other books on workplace culture, this book doesn’t get bogged down in abstract terms and ideas.  Instead, Corporate Superpower provides clear definitions and straightforward discussions. This is a perfect alternative for readers who complain workplace culture books are too vague or don’t seem applicable.

What Could Have Been Done Differently

While Corporate Superpower explains workplace culture well, it also introduces some concepts that might confuse readers. Specifically, I’m talking about metaphysics. Although the metaphysical sections of the book are brief, they don’t contain the clarity readers find in other sections. For example, in chapter 10, the book urges leaders to assess their “metaphysical resources”. Very little explanation of these resources is actually discussed in the book.

Why Read Corporate Superpower

Corporate Superpower is best suited for the business leader who wants to understand workplace culture at a deeper level without hiring an expensive consultant. The book draws on Konovalov’s experience as a consultant and teacher to break down complicated concepts, so readers can see the bigger pieces of the workplace puzzle. Using Corporate Superpower, readers can better understand the connection between workplace culture and workplace productivity

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