What Can Bud Light’s Dilly Dilly Campaign Teach Your Small Business about Creative Marketing?

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What is the Story Behind the Dilly Dilly Campaign Success?

“Dilly Dilly” — Bud Light’s new catchphrase — has taken the world by storm.

Bud Light’s vice president of marketing Andy Goeler talked to The Washington Post about the slogan in an article published Thursday.

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Goeler told WaPo that the slogan Dilly Dilly means, “a cheers, a Bud Light cheers.”

He also explained how the ad campaign started, saying, “With a brand the size of Bud Light, there’s a continuing need to put out creative ad content, so we on a regular basis are reviewing creative ideas. It was about June, and we were having one of those creative sessions with our creative agency, Wieden+Kennedy, and they were reading scripts talking about different ideas.”

“This ‘Dilly Dilly’ script came up, and they read it, and it was one of the scripts that kind of instantly had everybody excited,” he added.

Dilly Dilly Campaign Success

Goeler also said that the level of public excitement about the campaign was absolutely huge.

“You wouldn’t believe the emails I get daily with videos. It’s incredible, and it’s permeated so many areas,” he said.

The Dilly Dilly slogan is an absolutely great idea, honestly.

I totally understand the public excitement about the campaign. Who wouldn’t want to say this hilarious slogan?

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  1. To some extent, it shows that with enough brand equity and budget you can get a ridiculous thing to take hold. Remember “Wassuuuuuupp”?