Facebook Introduces Prime Time Anytime Offering Businesses More Training – Free

Facebook Prime Time Anytime Aims to Help Businesses Create More Effective Campaigns

The Prime Time Anytime program by Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) may sound like a nod to traditional prime time TV. In reality it’s a new resource center with informative articles and even video tutorials. The resource center provides marketing insights and solutions to help businesses understand concepts in digital advertising for building their brand and more effective campaigns.

Facebook has outlined four areas so businesses can better understand marketing insights and strategies. They are learning creative best practices, optimizing ad delivery, growing cross-channel marketing and improving video performance.

Around 80 percent of small business owners use Facebook for marketing, which makes it the most popular marketing tool in the digital world. Facebook even outperforms traditional advertising such as newspapers and radio for many small businesses. Being proficient in how your ads perform on this and other social media platforms could be important for your small business’s growth now and into the future.

Facebook Prime Time Anytime

Prime Time Anytime is part of Facebook’s Measure What Matters education program. The goal is to give businesses more tools for understanding the digital ecosystem in which they operate with multichannel measurement solutions and insights. With this information, you can build your brand across the platforms and devices where your audience spends their time.

In a press release on Prime Time Anytime, Facebook says the resources will focus on helping small businesses in 4 major areas:

Creative best practices: This section includes insights on how to build your small business brand with creativity. A important part of this is understanding the importance of small screen ads, optimizing for mobile, and using data to inspire.

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Auction and delivery: This section looks at making better delivery decisions to improve your reach along with return and cost per result. You can receive auction and delivery training, learn bidding best practices, scale your placements, and optimizing your budget.

Cross-channel media planning: This section looks at how TV, digital and Facebook campaigns work together.

The lessons from this module will include how to adapt to the mobile age, the combined cross-channel impact of TV and Facebook campaigns and planning campaigns that complement.

Video measurement: This section will take a look at how different types of video performance deliver unique value and how you can optimize this understanding to grow your brand.

In the news release, Facebook says it plans to introduce more educational resources in the coming months so users can better understand the importance of measuring metrics to improve the delivery of ads. Most importantly all the resources are free.

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