Fiverr Launches Elevate to Address the Challenges of Running a Freelance Business

Fiverr Elevate Launched for Entrepreneurs Living the Freelance Life

The release of Fiverr Elevate further highlights the tremendous growth of freelancers in the workforce today.

The new resource seeks to show you what you need to manage yourself as a freelancer. The crash course in the basics of freelancing was put together with input from experts in the tax, legal, financial and healthcare industries and includes a video series in the company’s Learning Center.

Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplaces for freelance services in the world. The company has been developing new tools aimed at helping users improve their workflow. There have also been key acquisitions, such as the recent purchase of And Co in January of 2018. Fiverr’s growth mirrors the expansion of freelancing globally.

According to the World Economic Forum, freelancers represented 35 percent of the US workforce in 2017, while in the European Union this group made up 16.1 percent.

The World Economic Forum goes on to list the wide range of industries in which freelancers work and large number of careers they enjoy. For example, freelancers work in communications, media, design, art and tech. And they occupy positions as architects, web designers, bloggers and consultants.

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Fiverr Elevate

Elevate has a two-pronged approach to helping freelancers. First, it provides video courses on topics related to successfully operating a business as a freelancer. These include areas in retirement, managing cash flow, running your business more efficiently, company formation and taxes.

Once Fiverr users watch these videos, the second phase of Elevate kicks in. Users will have access to companies providing the services they learned about in the videos. The companies have been hand-vetted by Fiverr with discounts freelancers can use to better secure their future.


More and more people are becoming full-time freelancers. If you are one of these people, it means you are responsible for managing your taxes, retirement, healthcare, insurance, time off, and more for yourself.

Since you are your own boss, here are some steps you should take to establish a strong foundation. Start by creating a business system so you can keep track of how you work along with a detailed pricing structure of the services you offer.

Once you start working, implement a system to record your expenses and revenue for accounting and tax purposes.

The market is full of tools geared to address the specific needs of freelancers — Fiver Elevate being one of them — allowing you to work more efficiently and enjoy many of the benefits this lifestyle offers.

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  1. Really interesting resource. This goes to show how the service industry have grown and thrived.

  2. Fiverr has always been looking out for freelancers so I think that they chose the right tool to support them even more.

  3. I am excited to use these tools. Are these free? I can see how these can be valuable to the ordinary freelancer.