25 G Suite Apps You May Want to Consider for your Small Business

The Best G Suite Marketplace Apps for Small Business

More than 3 million businesses are using Google’s G Suite line of products. These cloud-based tools can help with a variety of functions ranging from collaboration and communication to personal productivity. Along with those tools, Google also offers a marketplace of third party products and apps that give users an even wider array of functions.

Best G Suite Marketplace Apps

Here are some of the top options available from that marketplace.



In an effort to streamline communications, formMule gives you the ability to send targeted, personalized emails from a Google Sheet. You can use it both for manual email merges or triggered merges.

Yet Another Mail Merge

Yet Another Mail Merge offers a tool for managing mass emails. You can organized your contacts into a Google Form, then craft your message directly within Gmail. This can make it simple for you to keep your contacts and communications in order.


If you prefer to communicate via voice or text rather than email, Dialpad gives you a way to initiate those communications right within Gmail. This can make it easier for you to keep all those different forms of communication organized.


Want to give your team an easy way to communicate with one another throughout the day? Forum gives you an interactive message board so that employees can share messages and links with one another to keep all of their communication in one spot.

Zoho Meeting

To facilitate conference calls and other types of meetings, Zoho Meeting lets you schedule meetings, share your screen with participants and even conduct webinars.



Wrike is a project management tool that you can use to track your progress on a variety of different projects and tasks all at once. You can also use it to assign tasks and communicate with team members.


A visual tool for managing tasks, Kanbanchi organizes all of your to-dos into a visualized workflow so you can track your time and manage your own projects as well as those for your team.


GQueues is a simple task manager that is built specifically for G Suite. You can sync it with your calendar and mobile device to easily manage all of your appointments and make sure that your time is accounted for.

Form Notifications

This tool is an add-on that lets you create and manage email notifications from forms when they receive submissions. So for small businesses that allow people to submit their information for appointments or inquiries, you can use Form Notifications to easily receive that information.


The popular productivity and collaboration tool, Asana is available as an app within the G Suite Marketplace. Use it to plan projects, track progress and manage team members all from one dashboard.


Business Hangouts

An all-in-one app to help businesses create webinars, Business Hangouts integrates with Google Docs, Sheets and other popular platforms to help you create video presentations that will speak directly to your online audience.

Zoho Survey

If you’re going to market to customers, you need to get to know them first. Zoho Survey gives you the ability to send out surveys to customers so you can gather valuable insights.

Plug in SEO

If you find SEO to be confusing or if you just don’t have enough time to stay on top of it constantly, you can use Plug in SEO to comb your site for issues or areas where you can improve.


DirectIQ is an intuitive email marketing platform that lets you send and manage campaigns, add contacts, and easily design emails using templates.


For those looking to leverage the power of content marketing, ExpressCurate can streamline the process. This tool works in your browser and lets you transfer Google Docs to WordPress quickly and simply.


Insightly CRM

Insightly is a CRM tool that works for businesses in manufacturing, consulting, health and wellness, and media. It allows users to manage communication with customers and prospects throughout every step of the sales process.


A customer support software in the SaaS market, Freshdesk lets you conduct conversations with customers or prospects visiting your website to offer assistance or guidance via chat, phone, email, or even social.


Once you send sales emails, Mailtrack gives you a way to actually track that communication and see when those messages have been received and read by the recipient.


Evercontact is a tool that helps you keep your company’s contacts constantly up to date. It combs through email signatures and other communications to find contact information and add them automatically to your address book or CRM.


Sortd is a sales tool for Gmail that’s built for teams. You can manage leads, sales, tasks, and even your sales pipeline all from one dashboard that integrates seamlessly with your email platform.


Infogram Chart

Whether you need to create visuals for a big meeting or charts for your online content marketing plan, Infogram Chart can help. The tool gives users the ability to create animated charts and graphics to represent data in a visual way.

Awesome Table

Another way to visually organize data, Awesome Table takes information from Google Sheets and puts them into different types of views from directories to interactive maps.


An online scheduling platform that works with Google Calendar, ScheduleOnce allows you to set up a scheduling tool so that clients, customers or colleagues can easily schedule time with you.


The process of signing hard copies of documents can be arduous for modern businesses. So SignRequest gives you a way to complete that task virtually, saving your company time and money while also streamlining sales or other processes.

Appy Pie

There are tons of potential benefits that businesses can attain by creating their own apps, from increasing sales to creating a whole new revenue stream. Appy Pie provides a tool that helps you create apps without any prior coding knowledge.

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  1. I’ve recently started using Asana and I’m quite impressed by it.

  2. I have not yet fully used GSuite. I think it is about having the perfect alternative for the tasks that you need to do. I am seeing some familiar brands here such as Zoho.

  3. Another essential feature missing out of the box in G Suite is an employee directory. Most apps that fill this need create yet another database that quickly becomes out of sync with G Suite, but there is one app which operates directly on G Suite (full disclosure, I work there). Check it out: https://teamtoolsapp.com.