GlobalShipped Helps Your Ecommerce Business Fulfill Orders in More than 120 Countries

GlobalShipped App for Shopify Handles International Shipping Needs of Small Business

A new Shopify app called GlobalShipped allows US-based ecommerce merchants using the Shopify platform to fulfill orders  internationally from their stores. The app was developed by USendHome and makes satisfying customers in many different companies a bit easier.

GlobalShipped App for Shopify

With GlobalShipped, you no longer have to say “US buyers only” for the products you sell on your Shopify store. By simplifying the shipping process, the app has opened more markets to small businesses in the US. These small businesses can now easily ship to  more than 120 countries using the app.

If your small business has an ecommerce platform, you already know customers from around the world can purchase your products. But shipping continues to be more labor-intensive than it has to be for international customers, which is one of the reasons many sites decline from shipping internationally.

How Does it Work?

The solution USendHome provides through its GlobalShipped app is basically a package forwarding service. The app is made available to shipping process merchants for free. The customer pays for the service they select to get their packages shipped outside the U.S.

When a customer is ready to check out, they are given the package forwarding address from your store. The new address automatically becomes the shipping address, allowing for a fast checkout when these customers make future purchases.

The shipping rate is based on size and weight, making it possible to send multiple items in one shipment and save the customer money. Customers can even purchase shipping insurance and they also have the option of using return services.

The company says it has competitive shipping prices based on the discounted rates it has negotiated with FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and Aramex.

The app provides consolidated shipping of all the purchases made on your site. Whether customers buy only from you or from other online merchants too, the orders will be consolidated into one shipment. And once they are shipped, the automated package tracking system keeps the customer updated without having to check manually.


The pricing for the new service is straightforward. There are no monthly fees, no setup fees and no hidden fees. Users only pay for the services they use.

Some of the rates include: package processing for $1, payment processing for 4.5 percent of the shipping rate, package consolidation for $2 before arrival and $3 after arrival and storage running for $1 per exceeding day.

You can see the entire list of services the app provides and the prices here.

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